Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Are we all cavemen?

I’ve been thinking lately (or at least for half an hour while I was taking a bath today reading the latest issue of Vogue); maybe we’re not so different from our ancestors living in caves thousands of years ago. Now, what does Vogue have to do with cavemen, you might think? As I was flicking through my magazine being impressed by all the latest trends and developing an urge to buy some items I just HAVE to have (where I’ll later do the usual “what do you mean ‘new’? I’ve had that for ages!” line, to my husband), I thought there must be a reason why I (and thousands of women all over the world mind you!) so much enjoy spending my time and money trying to make myself beautiful, attractive and interesting buying shoes, make-up and the latest fashion trends.

Maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to spending too much money on heels too high for me to walk in, skirts so short you can see my bum and calling New Look customer service to find out the date the dress I saw in the magazines is out so I can buy it first! That’s just crazy talk you might think, or you may be nodding and thinking ‘yes, I’ve done that’. After 3 whole minutes of thinking very thoroughly about this, I’ve come to the conclusion that I blame the cavemen and cavewomen. Or more precisely the human survival instinct!

I’ll explain my line of thought (and feel free to clap uncontrollably at my intelligence at this point). Our survival instinct says we need the obvious food and water, alongside with companionship. Cavemen used to go hunting to bring back food to their women. The stronger and better hunting skills he had, the more attractive he was to the woman (I assume). And what is so different from what we do today?

We go hunting for a job to pay for our food, and then hunting for someone to share the food with (and maybe a few other things). To get a good job and a good partner, you need to be attractive in some way, whether it’s the likes of having skills attractive to a potential employer or attractive in the eyes of someone who wants to spend their lives with you. So we spend much of our time improving the skills we want to and making ourselves more attractive. We aim to be attractive not only to the potential “love of our life”, but also to each other and ourselves. We want to look as good as others, or better, as it gives us some kind of competitive advantage we might think when it comes to being liked, get friends, get a job, get a partner or just to get more self confidence.

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, I’m just saying that it really isn’t my fault that I bought 7 lip glosses that I didn’t need last week, or those two Mulburry bags that was way too expensive, or the fact that I continue to look out for great buys and love to go shopping for it! It’s the human instinct that I have inherited, I can’t help it! It’s for survival really, just like the cavemen. Just the 2007 way of doing it mind you… Not even my fault. How can I possibly be blamed for that or feel guilty about it? So ladies, it’s all ok. We don’t have to feel guilty at all! Keep shopping and feel good about it!