Saturday, 27 September 2008

The day it was summer.......

Last Sunday it was actually sunny! In England! I know.... a miracle, right?

Lucky for me I had a beach shoot planned with model Clare, so we had been crossing fingers the weather would be on our side. Doing a swimwear and summer dress shoot in the rain... not so much fun. Also this was my first swimwear shoot, so a new angle to try to master. Although I love a good old sunny day, the weather represented another challenge, shooting in the sun. Lighting issues for moi! Luckily I managed to find an assistant for the day, the lovely Emma! She gave it absolutely all and didn't care that her shoes got all wet and she had to deal with her fear of flies while working with us. So thumbs up for Emma, for helping us get better lighting on the shoot.

There is always that moment right before you meet the model you are going to shoot for the day for the first time and you wonder how they actually look in real life. Do they look like they did in their portfolio and it will be easy to capture them right, or will it be more of a challenge and you'll need to spend a bit more time than planned on retouching skin etc. When Clare stepped out of her car looking a little bit like a mix of Charlotte from Sex and the City and Penelope Cruz, I knew it was going to be a shoot I would enjoy and we'd get some nice results. She was absolutely lovely to work with and we did a wide range of photos going from swimwear, summer dresses, commercial look, sexy and a bit more artsy.

Im working my way through the pictures as I write and if you check out the final images once they're done you'll see there is quite a mix in the results. There were so many things I wanted to try!

Below is a couple of the results with very different directions. All final images will be posted on this Flickr album.

While I wait

On the beach

She looks a bit like Charlotte

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