Monday, 22 September 2008

My first male model

It seems to have become a trend that I keep shooting women, and for some reason I've stayed cleared of guys with pretty much one exception, until this very recent shoot in San Jose, California. I got in touch with Greg on ModelMayhem, as he was based near where I was visiting a few weeks back. And although I was looking for female models to photograph, when I came across Greg I thought it was about time I got rid of my "fear" of photographing guys. Surely it couldn't be that hard?!

So glad I went slightly outside my comfort zone, as it was a great shoot and as I'm working my way through these pictures as I write I'm happy with the results. Especially the picture included below. I feel I will become the queen of retouching guys soon as well! 

I should add a few more guys to my portfolio I recon. Maybe mix and match a bit even. I just realised I haven't photographed more than one model at a time. Remind me to do so! 

Greg Fanara

All final images on my Flickr.

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