Sunday, 21 September 2008

Fashion on Battersea bridge

A recent shoot I did was one with singer and model Sarah Beake. We hit the streets of London and shot a variety of images for her portfolio. It was one of those days where it was threatening to rain and we weren't quite sure wether to go ahead or not. We took a chance, and luckily as soon as we started it stopped raining. London always surprises me with what it has to offer. Just by walking in little side streets on a Sunday in an area I thought I was familiar with, we found some real location gems!

Lighting was a challenge though as every time I had set my camera for one lighting situation the sun did something different. Behind the cloud, out of the cloud, behind the cloud, out of the cloud. It's funny to think about it now....... Made me say swearwords in Norwegian then.

I finally got to shoot on Battersea bridge, which I have wanted to do for like 6 months! It has this cute little pattern on the side of the bridge that have fascinated me in a sad photographer way, but thought it came out really well in the photos. I have a feeling there is still a ton of location gems around London, so will keep shooting there for sure.

A theme seems to be building up during my shoots - I keep putting my models in my clothes! Although I'm starting to run out of clothes to use that hasn't been shot before. Must mean it's a good excuse to go shopping again soon :)

A few of the final results:

Trying hard to forget you



All final images on my Flickr.

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