Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Shortest shoot in the world... It was good while it lasted....

This shoot can hardly be called a shoot as it was almost over before it began. Ben Adams (British singer/songwriter for those who doesn't already know) needed a black & white headshot for his portfolio, so we grabbed 5 minutes outside his house after doing very glamorous things such as sorting passports and parking permits. I always feel like I'm in a computer game when we're driving through London on his moped, passing all the annoying traffic and getting to our destination quicker than any other way you can imagine in the city. Fun!

Even though the little time we had to shoot Ben never fails to bring some handsomeness to his photos, so I was quite happy with the result for his headshot.

I have shot Ben a few times before, where the latest shoot was for his solo project "What Jane Did Next", which was more of a street style/snapshot/lifestyle style to fit into the vibe of the music. I want to do another shoot in a different direction soon with him as he's such a pleasure to work with and photograph! We have a few ideas already so could be good.

Ben Adams headshot

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Ellena said...

lovely photo of ben but why moped i thought he had a car?