Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The old house and the Birmingham Bermuda Triangle

My last shoot was an adventure to say the least! Make-up artist Katie and I had an early start on a Sunday morning, driving from Reading to Birmingham. Bit of a roadtrip, which was a great chance to get to know each other, plan the shoot ahead in more detail and listen to "Losing You" which this shoot was also part of. We planned a "moth" like make-up, to match the line "like a moth into a flame" in the song we were taking inspiration from. We were also planning to shoot in an old abandoned house, so this seemed to fit in well. Model Anarchy met us and we were spoiled with food and drinks while make-up and outfits were being done! Yay!

After having survived the embarrassment of wearing one brown and one black boot (it was dark in the morning!!) we were ready to hit the road again to location. Maybe it'll be a new fashion.....? Location was great and just what I had in mind for the shoot. Again I managed to sneak in some of my own clothes and accessories into the shoot. I've now got a new habit of going on ebay buying things for shoots, which I'm sure will fill up my house very quickly! I've bought the oddest things lately for use in some of my planned shoots. A metal key, black blindfold and bandage-like elastic band to name a few.....

Anarchy was feeling the sadness of the story and gave me lots of expression in the images, so will fit really well into my project and hopefully be some great pictures. I really wanted the pictures to tell a story, so hopefully when it's all put together when all my shoots for this is done it will all make sense.

It took us 4 hours to get from Birmingham to Reading on the way home! I swear there is some kind of secret Birmingham Bermuda Triangle going on! Katie's dad had to be our direction saver after my sat nav totally failed to get us anywhere. Was such a great team to work with on the day though, so was definitely worth it.

So here I sit all on my own, feel so desperately alone

Click here to see the rest of the images.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Photography project "Losing you"

Music is my passion. Photography is my passion. So the two together really seems to make sense!

As a bit of a different take on presenting my photography portfolio, and at the same time find an interesting direction in approaching some of my shoots, I wanted to do a series of pictures that would tell a story. I work for a music studio (Parkbench Studios) and the wonderful Ben Adams has provided me with a song to use for my project that he wrote a little while ago, which I am very excited about, called "Losing you"!

It's such a lovely song, and I can't wait to continue on the shoots I have set up for this. My first shoot with Elly was done last weekend, and was great fun. It's all a bit of a tragic love story, so I'm trying to capture that in the images. All my shoots planned for the project will have different models, locations, make-up artists, so the interpretations will be different. And in the end will be like parallell stories of the track.

Can't wait to see how it develops as I play around with it!

It will all be up properly on my website probably beginning of the new year, but in the meantime the pictures will be added up on my Flickr. Some pictures from the first shoot included below, and the rest is on Flickr.

I can't take it any more I need to tell you now before I go away from you

Sunday, 12 October 2008

The fear factory

I had the most interesting and enjoyable shoot yesterday! I had booked a shoot with model Elly Luxton and MUA Sandra Bermingham last Saturday to shoot some images for my new photography project (will blog very soon about my project called "Losing you"!).

I always have nightmares it will rain before going on a location shoot, but luckily it was one of those rare days with blue sky. This obviously creates some sun/shade issues, but better than having to cancel due to too much rain. The last couple of weeks I had been on a totally mission to find a good location for this shoot. I really wanted a location that was looking quite run down as a contrast to the beautiful Elly. Turns out it wasn't as easy to find the right kind of place that I thought, but after some good advise from a lovely photographer on a forum I understood East London in general was a good starting point to find some suitable spots. So we headed down in the morning, and while the hair and make up was getting done I went location hunting and found some perfect spots.

Now.... I'm pretty determined on getting a good shot when I have something in mind. And fortunately for me so was the rest of my team for the day. I did make them push their boundries slightly though and made them climb a fence and balance a bit in the process, but we managed to get to our perfect spot in the end! And even though Elly afterwards nicknamed it "The fear factory" (sounds a bit like a TV show), seeing the pictures we got it was all worth it! Also Elly pulled out all the stops giving me all the expressions I was looking for to fit the theme of the shoot. And as usual I managed to get some of my clothes in the shoot, yay (my jacket this time which I got a couple of days ago. Just loved it)! Sandra made Elly look incredible with her amazing make-up, and I loved the hair she did. We also decided to go all dark and dirty at the end and did a smudged eye mask thingy, which looked really dramatic.

Posting the first picture here, and check this link for the rest of the images to come.

I'm losing you

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Some photographers that inspire me

When you are working to improve your photography it's so great to have other photographers to be inspired by. I like to follow the work and development of others and be inspired by what they do, their talent and ideas.

I wanted to share with you two other photographers that have inspired me lately. They are both young girls in their late teens, which is so annoying thinking about my own age and how amazing they will be when they reach my age if they are this amazing already now! haha I don't think age matters, some people just have an eye for something.

I have been an admirerer of Lara-Jade's work for quite a while, and I love how she sees something beautiful in something ordinary and makes it into art. She will take an idea and turn it into this fascinating concept with places and sites that most of us would just walk by. She also has a special flare for how she process her images and I've just grown to love pretty much everything she does. I also love all her self portraits, I really should do some self portraits as well, but I'm not really the model type to start with and time has just seemed to fly by lately.

Click to see Lara-Jade's images on Flickr

Another photographer I have discovered more recently is Chrissie White. She's incredible creative and I enjoy her self portraiture the most I think. I love how she creates an image that is like a snapshot from a movie you can make up yourself. She let's her photography say a lot about her life and how she's feeling and it's interesting to follow as well as inspiring shots. Also love her post processing.

Click to see Chrissie's images on Flickr

Just wanted to share these with you as I have been inspired by their work a lot recently. There are so many other photographers out there I love, so will share more in a later blog :)

I have so many shoots booked the next following weeks, so can't wait. A lot of them are location shoots, so crossing fingers the weather will be on my side, but I don't want to jinx it!!