Sunday, 12 October 2008

The fear factory

I had the most interesting and enjoyable shoot yesterday! I had booked a shoot with model Elly Luxton and MUA Sandra Bermingham last Saturday to shoot some images for my new photography project (will blog very soon about my project called "Losing you"!).

I always have nightmares it will rain before going on a location shoot, but luckily it was one of those rare days with blue sky. This obviously creates some sun/shade issues, but better than having to cancel due to too much rain. The last couple of weeks I had been on a totally mission to find a good location for this shoot. I really wanted a location that was looking quite run down as a contrast to the beautiful Elly. Turns out it wasn't as easy to find the right kind of place that I thought, but after some good advise from a lovely photographer on a forum I understood East London in general was a good starting point to find some suitable spots. So we headed down in the morning, and while the hair and make up was getting done I went location hunting and found some perfect spots.

Now.... I'm pretty determined on getting a good shot when I have something in mind. And fortunately for me so was the rest of my team for the day. I did make them push their boundries slightly though and made them climb a fence and balance a bit in the process, but we managed to get to our perfect spot in the end! And even though Elly afterwards nicknamed it "The fear factory" (sounds a bit like a TV show), seeing the pictures we got it was all worth it! Also Elly pulled out all the stops giving me all the expressions I was looking for to fit the theme of the shoot. And as usual I managed to get some of my clothes in the shoot, yay (my jacket this time which I got a couple of days ago. Just loved it)! Sandra made Elly look incredible with her amazing make-up, and I loved the hair she did. We also decided to go all dark and dirty at the end and did a smudged eye mask thingy, which looked really dramatic.

Posting the first picture here, and check this link for the rest of the images to come.

I'm losing you

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