Tuesday, 21 October 2008

The old house and the Birmingham Bermuda Triangle

My last shoot was an adventure to say the least! Make-up artist Katie and I had an early start on a Sunday morning, driving from Reading to Birmingham. Bit of a roadtrip, which was a great chance to get to know each other, plan the shoot ahead in more detail and listen to "Losing You" which this shoot was also part of. We planned a "moth" like make-up, to match the line "like a moth into a flame" in the song we were taking inspiration from. We were also planning to shoot in an old abandoned house, so this seemed to fit in well. Model Anarchy met us and we were spoiled with food and drinks while make-up and outfits were being done! Yay!

After having survived the embarrassment of wearing one brown and one black boot (it was dark in the morning!!) we were ready to hit the road again to location. Maybe it'll be a new fashion.....? Location was great and just what I had in mind for the shoot. Again I managed to sneak in some of my own clothes and accessories into the shoot. I've now got a new habit of going on ebay buying things for shoots, which I'm sure will fill up my house very quickly! I've bought the oddest things lately for use in some of my planned shoots. A metal key, black blindfold and bandage-like elastic band to name a few.....

Anarchy was feeling the sadness of the story and gave me lots of expression in the images, so will fit really well into my project and hopefully be some great pictures. I really wanted the pictures to tell a story, so hopefully when it's all put together when all my shoots for this is done it will all make sense.

It took us 4 hours to get from Birmingham to Reading on the way home! I swear there is some kind of secret Birmingham Bermuda Triangle going on! Katie's dad had to be our direction saver after my sat nav totally failed to get us anywhere. Was such a great team to work with on the day though, so was definitely worth it.

So here I sit all on my own, feel so desperately alone

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Goldie Locks said...

Beautiful shot! What an awesome look! I have a rocker type shoot planned this week and would be thrilled if mine turned out half as good as that shot! :)