Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Photography project "Losing you"

Music is my passion. Photography is my passion. So the two together really seems to make sense!

As a bit of a different take on presenting my photography portfolio, and at the same time find an interesting direction in approaching some of my shoots, I wanted to do a series of pictures that would tell a story. I work for a music studio (Parkbench Studios) and the wonderful Ben Adams has provided me with a song to use for my project that he wrote a little while ago, which I am very excited about, called "Losing you"!

It's such a lovely song, and I can't wait to continue on the shoots I have set up for this. My first shoot with Elly was done last weekend, and was great fun. It's all a bit of a tragic love story, so I'm trying to capture that in the images. All my shoots planned for the project will have different models, locations, make-up artists, so the interpretations will be different. And in the end will be like parallell stories of the track.

Can't wait to see how it develops as I play around with it!

It will all be up properly on my website probably beginning of the new year, but in the meantime the pictures will be added up on my Flickr. Some pictures from the first shoot included below, and the rest is on Flickr.

I can't take it any more I need to tell you now before I go away from you

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