Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Some photographers that inspire me

When you are working to improve your photography it's so great to have other photographers to be inspired by. I like to follow the work and development of others and be inspired by what they do, their talent and ideas.

I wanted to share with you two other photographers that have inspired me lately. They are both young girls in their late teens, which is so annoying thinking about my own age and how amazing they will be when they reach my age if they are this amazing already now! haha I don't think age matters, some people just have an eye for something.

I have been an admirerer of Lara-Jade's work for quite a while, and I love how she sees something beautiful in something ordinary and makes it into art. She will take an idea and turn it into this fascinating concept with places and sites that most of us would just walk by. She also has a special flare for how she process her images and I've just grown to love pretty much everything she does. I also love all her self portraits, I really should do some self portraits as well, but I'm not really the model type to start with and time has just seemed to fly by lately.

Click to see Lara-Jade's images on Flickr

Another photographer I have discovered more recently is Chrissie White. She's incredible creative and I enjoy her self portraiture the most I think. I love how she creates an image that is like a snapshot from a movie you can make up yourself. She let's her photography say a lot about her life and how she's feeling and it's interesting to follow as well as inspiring shots. Also love her post processing.

Click to see Chrissie's images on Flickr

Just wanted to share these with you as I have been inspired by their work a lot recently. There are so many other photographers out there I love, so will share more in a later blog :)

I have so many shoots booked the next following weeks, so can't wait. A lot of them are location shoots, so crossing fingers the weather will be on my side, but I don't want to jinx it!!

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