Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The beauty and the cemetery

I have to write about a shoot I did a couple of weeks back as it was another one to remember. I was so excited to be working with make-up artist Sandra Bermingham again, who is amazing and also a pleasure to work with. And even after I made her face her fears and climb a fence whilst balancing along the Thames on our last shoot, she was still up for another shoot! Yay! We had planned this shoot for a while, but last minute needed to re-book the model, so I was slightly worried we'd need to reschedule. However luck stroke and Crystal Truehart got in touch after a casting on ModelMayhem, which made us very, very happy. We had the perfect model for the day!

Crystal (next to having the coolest name in the world) had the perfect look, and gorgous portfolio. She is a US model, but was over in Europe for a few weeks to shoot. She had recently been part of the Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency show, which I'm surprised I hadn't watched as I'm addicted to all modeling shows such as Britains Next Top Model, American Next Top Model, Australias Next Top Model, Canadas Next Top Model (you get the idea.....). This was another shoot for my photography project "Losing You" and I wanted to go for something emotive, a bit more fashion and images that would really capture the story of the song. Crystal is one of the genuinely nicest models I've had the pleasure to work with, and she gave 125%, making sure she gave the expression we were going for throughout the song lyrics.

We decided to go with two complete contrasts in styling and make-up. It's really cool how putting together clothes/accessories that three people have brought can work. First setting was all white, innocent and sad, and Crystal looked like an innocent little Maria in her white hood top. And for the second setting we went all dark and angry in an "I'm losing him and I'm angry about it" kind of way. As we shot in a cemetery/park this supported both the innocent and darker vibe, so can't wait to really get into my editing for this shoot! The location was the most fascinating place I've been to in a while, as the walking paths in the park intertwined with the beautiful, gothic gravestones. Not a place I'd like to be on my own in the dark!

I'm losing you I need to tell you now before I go away from you

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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Streets of London and the lighting battle

I love my car. Although it's not very practical if bringing more than more passenger in it. For my shoot a couple of weekends ago it was only Marina Berry and myself, which meant that we could simply drive around London, cry out "ooooooh that looks cool" and jump out and use it as a back drop.

One of the great things when photographing someone you have worked with before is that everything flows just that little bit easier. Having both photographed Marina before and worked with her with the band Kissing Freddie, I already knew all her angles and was comfortable bossing her around while shooting straight away (just in a needed photographer giving directions kind of way lol). I've heard I am more vocal than some female photographers. I must ask more of the models this question, as I didn't think I was that vocal while shooting, but maybe I am.

Although I don't mind shooting when it's a bit cold, there is one thing I hate about winter, you end up loosing lighting before you want to! The majority of the shoot was perfectly fine and perfect lighting wise. But in the last setting, we had some awesome stairs to work with, and due to the light disappearing extremely quickly, I simply wasn't able to salvage any of those photos afterwards. Damn it..... they would have been cool. BUT..... we got so many other great images hitting different back streets around London that my stairs will have to wait till another time.

I've developed a slight obsession with Marina's eyes I think, as they just pop out at you. And when you find a green background that matches her eyes it makes them stand out more and it's all just bliss.

Marina Berry

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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Wings, chains and lingerie

Wings, chains and lingerie...... sounds like a bit of a random combination perhaps, but it was just the accessories for my last photo shoot! Although I have done a swimwear shoot before, lingerie was new territory. At this point I'm trying out everything!

I wanted to try a bit of a different angle to a lingerie capture where the model is simply looking into the camera with her best "I want you, look how hot i am" look, as I don't find those images that interesting unless they're done amazingly well. So I wanted to capture some vulnerability, natural beauty and still ensure it was essential a sexy series of pictures.

My model for the day, Sam, had beautiful dark features and a body to die for. We had found a secluded area for privacy so we could focus and that added some charachter to the photos. The weather was being very English and awful and it was half raining all day. Great when you're posing in your underwear all day, right?!! Lighting was a nightmare, especially with lots of tall trees making it even darker, so long live the reflector that was a total life saver!

We tried one of those Janet Jackson style images where someone holds the breasts from behind, but annoyingly couldn't get this quite to work (maybe next time). Although one of our behind the scenes photos had the head of the lucky boob-holder popping up from behind, which had my retouching tutor in fits of laughter...... lol

Such a fun shoot, despite the rain!


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