Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Streets of London and the lighting battle

I love my car. Although it's not very practical if bringing more than more passenger in it. For my shoot a couple of weekends ago it was only Marina Berry and myself, which meant that we could simply drive around London, cry out "ooooooh that looks cool" and jump out and use it as a back drop.

One of the great things when photographing someone you have worked with before is that everything flows just that little bit easier. Having both photographed Marina before and worked with her with the band Kissing Freddie, I already knew all her angles and was comfortable bossing her around while shooting straight away (just in a needed photographer giving directions kind of way lol). I've heard I am more vocal than some female photographers. I must ask more of the models this question, as I didn't think I was that vocal while shooting, but maybe I am.

Although I don't mind shooting when it's a bit cold, there is one thing I hate about winter, you end up loosing lighting before you want to! The majority of the shoot was perfectly fine and perfect lighting wise. But in the last setting, we had some awesome stairs to work with, and due to the light disappearing extremely quickly, I simply wasn't able to salvage any of those photos afterwards. Damn it..... they would have been cool. BUT..... we got so many other great images hitting different back streets around London that my stairs will have to wait till another time.

I've developed a slight obsession with Marina's eyes I think, as they just pop out at you. And when you find a green background that matches her eyes it makes them stand out more and it's all just bliss.

Marina Berry

All pics from shoot here.

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