Saturday, 1 November 2008

Wings, chains and lingerie

Wings, chains and lingerie...... sounds like a bit of a random combination perhaps, but it was just the accessories for my last photo shoot! Although I have done a swimwear shoot before, lingerie was new territory. At this point I'm trying out everything!

I wanted to try a bit of a different angle to a lingerie capture where the model is simply looking into the camera with her best "I want you, look how hot i am" look, as I don't find those images that interesting unless they're done amazingly well. So I wanted to capture some vulnerability, natural beauty and still ensure it was essential a sexy series of pictures.

My model for the day, Sam, had beautiful dark features and a body to die for. We had found a secluded area for privacy so we could focus and that added some charachter to the photos. The weather was being very English and awful and it was half raining all day. Great when you're posing in your underwear all day, right?!! Lighting was a nightmare, especially with lots of tall trees making it even darker, so long live the reflector that was a total life saver!

We tried one of those Janet Jackson style images where someone holds the breasts from behind, but annoyingly couldn't get this quite to work (maybe next time). Although one of our behind the scenes photos had the head of the lucky boob-holder popping up from behind, which had my retouching tutor in fits of laughter...... lol

Such a fun shoot, despite the rain!


All pics from shoot, view here.

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ConorwithoneN said...

I think you've done very well with this series overall. This post says a lot about your workflow and how you are willing to learn. Your relationship with the model - particularly in such an exposed setting - is paramount to getting good images and I think it's obvious how well you've done here.
Whilst it might be hilarious to see your outtakes, I'm fairly confident that you'll get that shot eventually and we'll all be very impressed.