Thursday, 18 December 2008

A saving angel and snow

Life lately has been a bit crazy and bizarre. So much has been going on in the run up to xmas, and I have a feeling 2009 will be amazingly busy and bring something new.

A couple of weeks ago I did my last shoot for my "Losing you" project. I had another case of a no-show model and needed to book a new model just a day before! No show models annoy me so badly and I think it's pretty disrespectful to a photographer and make-up artist who have spent time planning a shoot, bought props, spent time to find locations etc. There should be a black list somewhere! I honestly didn't think it would happen, and if it wasn't for my friend model Sarah Beake who is Miss organisation and contacts, I wouldn't have been able to carry on with the planned shoot. I had been planning it for ages with make-up artist Deborah Lawson, who I was really looking forward to working with, as she is both talented and lovely. She had found this amazing site up north we had planned to use, as long as it didn't rain, and I just didn't want to miss out on working with Deborah and shooting at such a wonderful location. As by a miracle Sarah got me in touch with model Sarah Martin, a Manchester based model, and trusting that she would be wonderful I booked her without even having seen her pictures! It's not something I've done before, but when Sarah says someone will be awesome, they will be awesome.

And as I showed up at Deborah's next day I was right not to worry as Sarah was absolutely wonderful, and reminded me slightly of Liv Tyler. What a saving angel to turn up at such short notice - I was all smiles all day! Except at the end of the shoot when we were all soooooo cold and had to go into the car to warm up. There was snow!

The site was amazing with hills and deserted cottages and we shot till the sun went down. Sarah did a great job in giving me lots of emotion and expression, even though her only brief and preparation time was to listen to "Losing You" at the back of my car on our way to location. I think for the first time ever I included a tree in a photograph haha. It just had to be done as it really fitted into the story of tragic love.

I can’t make it on my own

All pictures from shoot can be viewed here.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Girls with apples

My last shoot I knew was going to be a challenge, I was shooting a girl band (The Scarletz) - there was four of them! I have shot Kissing Freddie before, but more fun, behind the scenes kind of images, so I was really excited to work with this band and see what sort of images we could get.

The Scarletz is a fun bunch of girls and they have recorded at Parkbench Studios where I work before. I knew it would be a fun day, and I had prepared well by buying apples. Cause they're red. And we wanted red stuff for some of the images. On their MySpace site they describe their music as "quirky pop with an apple on top". See how clever I was bringing the apples in? Oh yes....

My first challenge was how to fit all the girls into my tiny studio! I sort of managed to get it to work with some creativity, and as it stopped raining for a couple of hours we also managed to get some outdoor shots. The girls were thrilled I challenged them to climb a hole in a fence through some bushes and trees to get into a local car sales place with some wicked backgrounds. For those that have read some of my other blogs you'll know it's not the first time I've made girls climb stuff to get to cool locations. After some creative climbing using my reflector (oh the creativity) we managed to get in and get some cool shots. Even managed to incorporate a lovely used red car that we were very excited about.

Mid day the girls got hungry and ordered pizza, which we thought we had to shoot, so expect some pizza pictures as I start to edit these. Yep, definitely a fun day with a quirky and fun bunch of girls. And when they started their own rendition of "Boomerang" (a Kissing Freddie song) while helping create their own "magazine wall" background, I thought they were just a little bit more awesome than when they came. Yay to the Scarletz.

The Scarletz

All pictures on my Flickr.