Monday, 16 February 2009

A bit of french in my bathtub

Ok, so I didn't actually have anyone French in my bathtub, but for my latest shoot with actress Polly Brunt, we thought we'd go for a bit of a French inspired as a theme. For anyone having read my last blog, you'd know that I've recently moved to London and just settling into my new flat. This means I have yet to try out a lot of rooms and corners in my flat to see how I can use it for shoots. So for this shoot Polly thought my bathtub would do nicely (although I offered her my very professional and awesome backgrounds in my main studio!)

I find it quite interesting to shoot actresses as they tend to act their way throughout the shoot rather than just pose. Most actresses I've shot tend to create some sort of scenes in their head that helps them convey the emotion we're trying to portray in the images. It then gets quite interesting to shoot as I can give quite different directions than I normally would with singers and models. We wanted to try to create little scenes from a movie mainly in black & white, with a French sophisticated and natural beauty. Polly is such a beautiful girl, and in the bathtub shots in particular I thought she looked quite like Natalie Portman (who I've decided that if someone should ever play me in a movie that would be the actress I'd choose. Although a movie about me is probably not on the table at the moment one would think).

I wanted each of the pictures I chose from this shoot to tell it's own story, so I hope I've been able to put that through in the images. Hopefully our favorite shoot song for the day (we must have played "Freeze by Jordan Sparks" about 20 times!) helped us get into the grove and capture some good moments. I always tend to use music when I shoot, and I even have different shoot playlists pending on what sort of shoot I'm doing. Maybe it's sad, maybe it's clever, I don't know! haha

Was great to be able to shoot Polly again, as when you have shot someone before it gets even easier to get good result as you've already worked together. We had great fun, and I've already retouched the first image. More to come!

A long way from home

All photos available on my Flickr.

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