Sunday, 8 February 2009

New flat and lingerie

So much has happened since my last blog! So time for a little update me thinks.....

Just after Christmas I moved from Berkshire to London, so have spent the last month getting settled in my new flat. I love it! Spent Christmas in Norway with my friends and family, which was nice as well. Was nice to end the year with some downtime after a really busy year. So had a bit of a break from my photography the last couple of months, but am now back and starting to line up a great variety of shoots for this year. I have so many ideas! And living in London brings me closer to everything interesting, so can't wait to keep building my network here and meet new and creative people.

One of my first shoots here and in my new studio (/flat really if I'm being honest.... but it's perfect to do shoots in as well and fits my studio setup nicely) was with Model Sarah Beake. We had planned to shoot again for a while and yesterday we finally managed to get a date in and did my first ever lingerie shoot in a studio setting. On short notice make-up artist Elizabeth Rider joined us for the day and we had a nice little creative team. Elisabeth gave us two lovely looks, which really added to the results.

The idea for the shoot was a sexy, feminine lingerie shoot, and to be honest Sarah was the perfect girl as she's got a annoyingly beautiful look and body (the bitch... haha). We decided to shoot most of it on my bed with my new all pink bed linen which fitted perfectly with some of the lingerie she brought. It was all girly and feminine, which is what I was hoping to get from this sexy shoot. I see so many glamour or lingerie pictures shot from a male perspective, and I wanted to capture a similar setting from a female perspective and what I found sexy as a woman rather than what guys find sexy. So my aim was the the pictures would be appealing to both men and women. You be the judge of what you think :)

As I've just moved in I haven't got any curtains yet, so in the afternoon we noticed my neighbours getting increasingly curious as to what exactly was going on in my flat! ha! quite entertaining.....

Girl in pink

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