Thursday, 19 March 2009

Ben Adams on the floor

Ben Adams - Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Former A1 band member. Recent Celebrity Big Brother contestant (aka. green dinosaur). Chicken lover. Christmas freak.

While I'm finally having a night in and enjoying a glass of baileys, I wanted to write this blog about my latest shoot with Ben. After Celebrity Big Brother he's been keeping busy, but last week we managed to find a few hours to play around in my studio and shoot some pictures. Yay! The last three years I've been working for Ben I've seen a lot of pictures of him (where he always looks great and very commercial), and I wanted to try something in a bit of a different direction. So after capturing a few usual portraits I got him to take his shirt off and crawl on my floor. I know, sounds a bit weird! ha! I had this idea that I wanted to try a mirror effect. Thought the images came out quite interesting and captured a different side to Ben that I've seen before. I'm liking this kind of almost artsy stuff. Will let you be the judge though, be interesting to hear what you think!

Always one to want to try new things, Ben was happy to try out my ideas. We even tried a "the road to Ben's photo face" thing, but not sure that worked. So we ended up with the mirror effect idea, which I'll have a couple of different versions of (one more artsy than the other). Ben always throws himself into a challenge with great enthusiasm and creativity, so it was so much fun to be able to shoot him again.

Check out the pictures as they get added on my Flickr site - Ben Adams album

Ben Adams

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