Sunday, 12 April 2009

A one handed stand, healthiest smoothie ever and the Piano Man

Have you ever met one of those people that immediately inspire you to get better, be creative, work hard to achieve your goals and generally want to be a better person? Joe Leary (dancer/model from my latest shoot) is one of those people.

Had a shoot with Joe yesterday, which I connected with on Model Mayhem. You never quite know what to expect when working with people for the first time, even if you've communicated with them on social networking sites. Have to say I've been really lucky so far though. I can't say enough nice things about Joe after my shoot with him, who was so humble, nice, extremely professional and determined to get a good result. So passionate about what he did and to do it well, which was so infectious. Love people in general that has a passion for what they do, and work hard to achieve their dream. Whenever I put music on he couldn't stand still, and just had to move, so I incorporated a few more dancing shots that I was planning as I was so fascinated about how good he was. Hence the first dance picture put up on my Flickr. So we ended up doing a mix of dance ones in my studio and some more modelly ones in studio/outdoor location.

I think he turned me into a dance and smoothie addict in a few hours. Watching a dance performance on YouTube to Brandy's Piano Man, got me hooked on dance (I used to go to lessons myself, but that's years ago and I'd probably break a bone or two if I tried to move like that now) and this song. Great tune!! We ended up putting it on repeat for most of the shoot. And after he made the healthiest smoothie ever of fresh fruit (and very good as well!) I feel it balances out my unhealthy Easter egg eating these last few days. I feel fat already. Must go with more smoothies next week. An amazingly fun shoot, and happy with the pics I captured!

With Joe's determination, talent, charm and looks, I think we'll all be seeing much more of him in the future somehow. I just have that feeling he'll achieve whatever he sets his heart out to achieve.

Gonna start editing this set of picture shortly, look forward to your comments on them. Link to Flickr album here.

Joe Leary

Joe Leary

Joe Leary