Monday, 25 May 2009

Boys in the park

I'm very excited as I've just started working on my new personal photography project this year! I will post another blog about my project very soon, but for the purpose of this post just mention that it's about capturing different kind of relationships, and different kinds of sexy. As my last project it's also based on a song, this one called "Look but don't touch".

My first shoot was to capture two male models, playing with the whole gay relationship thing. I wanted to do this one last as I thought it would be the most challenging to do, however due to model availability turned out to be the first one I did! With this I wanted to go quite subtle and for the images to have more gay undertones than being direct (will play more with different aspects in some of the other shoots on this project). I also want to point out both models were straight, which is what I wanted for the shoot. Both Kristjan and Phillip were great on the day, and gave me exactly what I looking for.

Hitting Battersea park seemed like the right thing to do, so as the weather was on our side that's what we did. I love Battersea park! Not only is it my favorite place to chill on a Sunday with friends or do coffee in the park in the week, but it also provides such a diversity of locations for a photographer. A little gem for sure. Once I'm done editing the shoot, check out the pictures and keep your "location scout glasses" on :). After surviving quite a funny moment when shooting in the public toilet and someone came in to use it while we were there, we were good to go for the rest of the day.

Also first time I've shot two models at the same time (with exceptions of bands), so was very pleased with the day. Can't wait to finish editing these and look forward to my next shoot for my project!

Check out pictures from the shoot on my Flickr.

Look but don't touch

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