Sunday, 31 May 2009

Monica, white wings and an afro.

She's miss Harris, miss Monica Harris...... (ok I realise my sense of humour is terribly aweful, but I've got a bit of a hang over and my head hurts a little). No excuse not to blog though.

So many shoots lately. My latest one with Monica was a blast. An evening shoot, so we were racing from one location to another to do as much as we could before loosing light. You gotta love a girl who brings huge white wings and big afros to your shoot. Love a bit of weirdness and creativity! We also ended up shooting on my balcony using my studio lighting to light her and had the black sky as background. Worked pretty well and was something I hadn't tried before.

One thing I really enjoyed about this shoot is that Monica is such an experienced and accomplished model, which makes it such a joy for me as a photographer. Things flow so much easier when you're working with someone who knows their poses, angles, expressions etc. She has done a lot of lingerie modeling, so I wanted to capture her from my perspective and add something new to her portfolio. I always try to capture someone's beauty with my own interpretation. So I wanted to go softer, sophisticated and sexy. Hopefully I was able to do that.

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