Tuesday, 12 May 2009

This will be a whole lot easier to do if you don't touch yourself

Last bank holiday weekend. Photoshoot with Emanuel Lundgren. Swedish model with blonde hair (obviously), great sense of humor and knows how to pose. We also had the lovely Frid as assistant for the day and Angela Deviatova to do the make-up. Good times.

I didn't really have any plans for the weekend so decided to shoot, as I needed to expand my male images still on my port. So wanted a bit more fashion and had a few ideas I wanted to try out. I love working with models who are creative, and as soon as I started throwing some of my crazy ideas at Emanuel, he starting adding his own creativity and we had a lot of fun. A bit of editing to get final results, but hopefully we'll get something that works. Just started editing so we'll see what comes out!

Why is it that everyone tease me for my kick scooter?! I got so much stick for it sitting in my hallway during the day, however when it came to shooting outside, guess who wanted to bring it with so we could include it in an image?! (And this after laughing quite loud at how ridiculous I would look at it). And also guess who actually picked one of the scooter pictures for me to edit?! Yes. Don't laugh at my kick scooter peeps haha.

After having to disappoint Emanuel as I didn't have a baby (or a dog) to include in the shoot, we hit the park for some outdoor images. Trying to keep him from going over to a couple with a baby to ask if we could borrow they're precious little one for a couple of shoots, I had to point out that it looked like a screamer. We settled for trying another idea including multiple versions of Emanuel instead (which is where I pointed out that the retouching would be a lot easier if he didn't have body contact with himself). We'll see how the final result turn out, but always enjoy a shoot where I work with a fun team for the day.

Emanuel Lundgren

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Anonymous said...

Where can I find more photos of him?
Interested for some work.