Monday, 29 June 2009

My first published image

I recently had my first image published in an ebook by Gry Garness, which was a little moment of proudness!

Digital Retouching for Fashion, Beauty and Portrait Photography in Photoshop CS4

Gry is an amazing retoucher and I've been taking a few lessons with her to enhance my retouching skills. Just in the few sessions I spent with her I learned so much and it has added an incredible valuable. Would definitely recommend it if you are looking to enhance your own editing skills. She specializes in beauty and fashion retouching.

One of my portraits (which seems to be my strongpoint) of Marina Berry was chosen for the book and I'm proud to have my image displayed and used in one of the portrait tutorials. I've never seen any of my images retouched by anyone else, let alone someone that has retouched images of the likes of Sugarbabes and such. It was really exciting to see her take on my work, so thought I'd post a blog and include the result below.

My first published image!

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Mark Read album cover

Let's face it, I'm going to brag in this blog. Reason is that I recently had the pleasure of shooting Mark Read's album cover for his debut solo album "Peace at Last". Very exciting!

Mark Read is one of those brilliant artists who as well as being a brilliant songwriter, also has a gorgous voice and always delivers a great live set. He has such a genuine passion for what he does, and is always a pleasure to listen to and in general just hang with.

For this shoot we headed down to Brighton to capture the right images for his album cover and sleeve, and to match the theme we went for something that looked quite peaceful and with wide open spaces (also a song on his album...... check out my high level of knowledge here). We found a perfect spot and were lucky enough to have the sun out and blue sky. My favorite stylist Phill Tarling was there as well, so made for a very fun day.

It's quite odd, yet amazingly satisfying to see one of your photos on a CD in a store! An amazing moment of proudness.

The album is available to buy online or in HMV stores. Definitely worth getting as the album is full of great tracks (get a feel for the tracks on his MySpace, and also to look through the album sleeve and admire the full range of my images from the shoot :).

You can download the Single and Album from itunes.

But a hardcopy obviously even better, so you can look through the album sleeve at my glorious pictures :)

I also attended one of the days he was filming his music video, which was super fun to capture some behind the scenes, so will make sure to share some of them on Flickr as well.

Mark Read album cover

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Two pretty girls in a park

This shoot took me ages to arrange! First I had to find two gorgous girls who wanted to be part of my project "Look but don't touch" that had the right look and attitude, and then a good make-up artist to join the team. In the end found an awesome team though, so was worth the wait.

Everything fell into place for this shoot. Perfect models (Ella Durston and Sapphira OShannon), great MUA (Katie Duckworth), great location and lovely day. We all squeezed into my TT and headed towards Ealing for the shoot. With a model looking slightly like Katie Holmes, and another with hints of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopes, I knew I was in for a good shoot.

I probably had at least 30 different people offering to be my assistant for this shoot, as the theme was an intimate shoot with two female models. You can imagine why this made people want to turn into photo assistants in a flash. However, I was so focused on getting the right images for my project that I didn't want any additional distractions. So we stayed a complete girly team for the day, which worked incredibly well. I love models that are up for anything, and Ella's effort sitting in spider webs, probably full of spiders and spider babies almost deserves a full paragraph in itself! Somehow I was glad I was behind camera, but total kudos for the effort put in. Both models were great to work with and I was able to utilize their different strengths.

This is the second time I've worked with a two model team, and I've found that I really enjoy this setup. There aren't too many models to worry about, but you can play one against the other to get some really interesting result. Creatively, this was a great experience, and no matter how I twisted and turned my lense there was only good angles to catch. Can't wait to get further down the line with the rest of my shoots for this project as it's already starting to take shape.

Check out the pics from this shoot on my Flickr.

Ella & Sapphira