Saturday, 11 July 2009

Beauty in the sunlight

Kathrine James is a beautiful girl, there is no doubt about that. She can hardy walk the street without people turning around whisteling or calling her Rhianna, at least after my experience. I had photographed Kathrine before when we were working together on a band project at the early stage of my photography career, and was really looking forward to shooting her again!

My memories from last shoot was that she really gave it all during the shoot and ended up delivering some great shots crying on demand in my bathtub with messed up hair and make-up running all over her face. Have yet to see a model do that after that (although I seem to tend to like putting models in my bath tub)! Although I promised I wouldn't make her cry for this shoot, she as usual gave it all and jumped into any awkward location I suggested no matter how dirty or full of potential small and crawly animals they were.

Kathrine is possibly the prettiest mixed race girl I've come across. Her great skin and gorgous facial features, eyes and lips photograph amazingly and I was excited to capture some great portraits.

For the photo geeks reading this blog, I did a few shots where I photographed towards the sun which I don't normally do. Thought this came out really interesting, so I will definitely experiment more with that! There was a hole in the clouds coming down at us creating some really interesting light and it hit her perfectly so it looked as though the sky had opened a spotlight on the world stage just for her.

Good luck with everything you do Kathrine, the world awaits you :)

Kathrine James

Kathrine James

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