Friday, 24 July 2009

Photography project "Look but don't touch"

I did a personal photography project last year called "Losing you", which I had so much fun doing and got so much good feedback on, that I wanted to do another project this year with a similar approach.

In addition to being a bit of a techy girl and all about everything web 2.0, I also work for music studio Parkbench Studios, where my photography services are now integrated. With the music connection and my general passion for music I really enjoyed last year taking inspiration from a song and capturing that in images. One of the most fun challenges for me as a photographer is to capture emotion, expressions and a story. Working with a song as a base is a great way of doing this and for both this project and last year's project, it seemed to inspire not only myself, but the teams I had involved in working in a new and creative way.

Last year's project was about losing someone you love, and the images was moody and sad to build the story we were telling. This was all put together in a video with the song playing over it. If you want to check out the result view here (view in HQ). This year the song is much more up tempo and sexy, which I'm very excited about. So I am capturing different versions of relationships, from the traditional to the non-traditional and trying to see it from my eyes. I have already captured two boys, two girls and boy/girl that I'm editing at the moment. Still have a couple of shoots to go and arrange, so still going.

As last time the wonderful Ben Adams has let me use one of his songs for my project, so much respect, thanks and gratitude to him! He keeps writing songs that inspires me to be creative, I don't know where he takes it from, they just seem to come to him. Wish I knew how to express myself with music that way, but being able to be creative through photography seems to give me that same buzz and feeling of achievement.

I have a young boy/older woman shoot coming up soon, which will be very subtle and with a fashion edge, that I can't wait to capture as I'm looking to do this at the location of my dreams. And also planning a threesome theme for my last shoot for this project, inspired by a Gucci ad I saw, so if there are any models that want to be part of this, get in touch.

When all shoots are done I'll put everything together in a video with the song over it, so should hopefully be good! I would love to do something exciting with these projects one day, like an exhibition where people can look at the images and hear the music at the same time, but I'm probably way ahead of myself haha. Excited to be inspired and working on something I enjoy :).


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