Sunday, 19 July 2009

Romance, rain and a VIP room

I've really enjoyed doing shoots with multiple models lately. This shoot was my first go with a male and female model, which I had been looking forward to a really long time as it took a while to arrange. Having finally been able to arrange my full team to be available on the same day (Yash, Chelc and MUA Louise Seymour), we were all good to go!

My TT was never meant to transport 4 people for long distances, so after a rather uncomfortable (well good for me cause I was driving and obviously in the front) drive we got to our location. And also, it did give my models an opportunity to bond in the back, which was good as we were doing quite an intimate shoot. Louise had already done her wonders with make up and hair and outfits were all sorted and matched.

This shoot is also part of my personal project for this year "Look but don't touch". For this one I wanted to capture a boy/girl relationship and make it quite intimate and sexy. Think "girl and boy next door", so with quite a relaxed feel to it still. How do you get two people who have never met to look like they're in love? This was what I wanted to challenge myself with for this shoot. After going through my concept and playing them the song where I'm taking inspiration from for the project, Yash and Chelc understood the brief and gave 110%. Although there was moments of rain, spider webs to sit in (and spiders to avoid) and moments of inbetween giggle attacks, the final results were just what I wanted to achieve and slots nicely into the overall project I'm working on.

I'd love to do an exhibition one day with this project and the one from last year, having headphones people can listen to while watching moving images. We shall see, but in the meantime I have a couple of more shoots for the project this year before completed.

I take my hat of to Yash and Chelc for their performance and being as determined as me to get a good result. They looked like they had known each other for ages. Although most of the finished images have a serious feel to them, I also had to capture some inbetween moments as it makes me look back on the day with a smile and remember what a fun shoot it was. What made me laugh the most must be when Yash renamed the falling down ruin staircase to the "VIP room", and whenever it started raining called everyone to "come into the VIP room!".

Also in addition to make up and hair Louise did an amazing job doing behind the scenes filming with my Flip cam (will try put together a video of the clips soon) and helping with general lighting/reflectors. Wonderful team and a fun day!

Come close

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