Friday, 3 July 2009

A wind machine, bath tub and black masking tape

When model, Sam Grierson and I get bored, what else to do than shoot? With only one proper previous shoot together, it was time for us to do another one, so we dug out her best lingerie, some cute dresses and some black masking tape and ribbon!

Sam currently holds the very prestigious title of being my most viewed picture on Flickr (with an image of Ben Adams following closely behind), as well as another picture from her previous set being my most favorited and commented on picture. We had so much fun during our last shoot, so we had been talking about shooting together again for ages, plus I was kind of curious if it was just that particular set my Flickr contacts liked or it's simply Sam that everyone loves! But then again, who wouldn't love Sam, as she's a bundle of joy and always makes me laugh.

For this shoot we were determined to experiment. I had bought a wind machine especially for the occasion (ok so it's an air cooler, but it does the same thing) that we had a lot of fun with on the day (and Sam is convinced I pose in front of every time I drag it out to keep myself cool in this London heat). And the set with black masking tape and ribbon was interesting to say the least! I also decided it would be a good idea to fill my bath tub with water and put her in there with a long dress. Not quite how sure how successful the bathtub pictures were, but we should at least get some points for trying! Look forward to your feedback to let me know what you think.

Picture added to Flick album.

Sam Grierson


John said...

I have seen the cut down version of this photo on Sams facebook but it does no justice to the whole image!Fab work I have been dying to see the wind results since we talked about it before!!

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks for the great feedback John. The wind picture is next picture to go up on Flickr :)

antonio said...

Great shot Cecilie. Helps to have an awesome model I know but like the de-saturation.


Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks Mr. T :). I might do a retouching image for my retouching folder for this one, as there was a lot of disruptive elements in the way that was edited out to give it more of a feel of calm, simplicity and focus on the model (bed side table, bed headboard, phone, reflection in window of soft box etc.)