Saturday, 29 August 2009

Pealing walls, brie on bread and a naked chick

I've wanted to do an art nude shoot for a while. It was one of those things on my list of things to try, but I just hadn't gotten around to it. So it was only when I started talking to the awesome Adam Robertson that the perfect opportunity emerged.

We thought it would be a good idea to collaborate on a shoot! Learn from each other, share ideas, get inspired by seeing how another photographers works - it all sounded good to me. So many photographers seem scared of working or sharing with others, not sure what you guys think about this but would be interesting to know? This experience to me was definitely beneficial. I learned loads, it got me out of my comfort zone and I had a fun day in general. I'd definitely collaborate with other photographers again. Great way to get inspired!

We had booked awesome model Elizabeth Trump for the day, which we were both very exciting to be working with. She has that sophisticated, sexy look of a french actress and is absolutely beautiful. She's edgy, but at the same time timeless. And was also a really lovely girl, which always helps!

I've wanted to stay away from going all glamour. I don't mind nudity, but there is a fine line between art and sleesy. I wanted to make sure that anything topless or nude I did was done with my own twist and came out beautiful. Adam has done a lot of art nude, so was great to have him on hand for any guidance. Was such a fun day, and I felt totally comfortable with everything as both Elizabeth and Adam were amazing. I managed to capture Elizabeth exactly how I had hoped and was so happy with the results.

The location we shot at was amazing. Just about to being torn down it was full of asbestos, dripping ceilings and paint pealing off the walls. Love that stuff! There is beauty in everything....... you just need to see it.

We ended the day with brie on bread. Random, but true. Yum!!

A challenge I hadn't thought of is "how do you show off your topless shots with all the rules and restrictions around on the www"? Flickr set my account to unsafe! But managed to get it sorted after flagging the relevant images appropriately. Personally I think the body is a beautiful thing and if captured correctly can make some fantastic images.

Not sure what the rules are on blog, so including one of my safe images, but there are a few more on my Flickr. I'm starting to add up a few less images around the www as hopefully I'll start to be able to sell some now that I've got a few more things going on, yay! Still sharing a couple of images from a lot of the shoots I do though, as it's always great to share and get feedback. :)

Elizabeth Trump

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Exclusive portfolio shoot offer!

I fell in love with a location - Lordship Park!

I love this location so much that I think it will provide such a wonderful place to offer some portfolio shoots, so I've gone together with my photography partner in crime Adam Robertson and put together an offer we think any model building their portfolio couldn't refuse lol.

As part of this portfolio offer, not only will you get pictures from both of us, but you'll get pictures from two different sets within this beautiful Victorian house. There are several floors at the location ranging from French Grandeur elegancy to futuristic 60s to feminine, light rooms with French and ornamental doors. If you're looking to get a variety of photos at a beautiful location that will help the images stand out, then get in touch to book your slot.

I'm so excited to be offering a shoot at this location and know I'll be able to capture some absolutely beautiful images!

Contact me via email ( or on any of my social networking sites.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hot dogs, sun and a muse

How shit has the weather been lately? Where has the summer gone? It's impossible to plan an outdoor shoot and feel safe it won't rain, yet alone a beach shoot. I was so determined to do a beach shoot this year (you have to during the summer really don't you) so had been crossing all fingers and toes for days hoping I was going to be lucky for the day I had my beach shoot with Chloe Tweedie booked. It rained all week, but when the weekend came we actually got a really lovely day, wohoo!

My fellow photographer Adams Robinson claims to have muses. I thought this sounded quite cool and movie like, and thought I'd want some of my own haha. After my shoot with Chloe I think I might have found my muse! Outside of her obvious beauty, she's the most versatile model I've worked with. We covered fashion, commercial and slight glamour, and she delivered everything I wanted and more for all. She was also absolutely lovely. So I got such a variety of images, and was super pleased! My friend Christine D, came along on very short notice to help out with make up and did an amazing job. I love dark eyes, and we went for quite dramatic make-up to give the shoot a bit more of an edge.

West Wittering beach is an amazing location and I'd recommend it to shoot at. Just contact the peeps who manage this private beach before you plan to do a shoot there. They were very lovely. I had shot at this location before, doing a quite commercial looking shoot, so I wanted to capture more fashion images as well as some shots in a more glamour direction as it's something I didn't have on my portfolio for a beach shoot already.

Sand everywhere. Getting a tan whilst you shoot. Beach hot dogs. Nice, warm seawater. Nice company. Great model. Great picture results. You can't really complain :)

Chloe Tweedie