Saturday, 22 August 2009

Exclusive portfolio shoot offer!

I fell in love with a location - Lordship Park!

I love this location so much that I think it will provide such a wonderful place to offer some portfolio shoots, so I've gone together with my photography partner in crime Adam Robertson and put together an offer we think any model building their portfolio couldn't refuse lol.

As part of this portfolio offer, not only will you get pictures from both of us, but you'll get pictures from two different sets within this beautiful Victorian house. There are several floors at the location ranging from French Grandeur elegancy to futuristic 60s to feminine, light rooms with French and ornamental doors. If you're looking to get a variety of photos at a beautiful location that will help the images stand out, then get in touch to book your slot.

I'm so excited to be offering a shoot at this location and know I'll be able to capture some absolutely beautiful images!

Contact me via email ( or on any of my social networking sites.

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