Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Unexpected surprises and two boys with crazy hair

Sometimes the unexpected brings surprises and good things. I thought I had my day at Lordship Park perfectly planned, but I ended up doing a shoot I hadn't planned at all and am so pleased with the results from it. When one of my models cancelled the day before, Simon Jennings who I was shooting with in the morning asked if he could bring his model mate Luke Abby. I ended up getting some great images that I could also use for my project "Look but don't touch" that I was shooting for in the morning. As I was busy shooting Simon & Deborah from the morning, I left Luke in charge to come up with concept and styling ideas. With the ever so wonderful Sandra Bermingham there to do their hair & make-up, the boys looked amazing and ready for an editorial fashion story at this wonderful location.

What I loved about shooting the boys together was the chemistry between them. They work so naturally together, which makes it interesting to capture them and you know that no matter how they pose, they're aware of what the other one is doing and how it will match in the photo with what they are doing. Even though they're both young, they got such a passion for fashion, they pose like they've been doing it for years and they understand what you're trying to capture. They're great fun to work with and get involved to get the best result. They really worked as a pair, kind of like little Ant & Dec's of the modeling world - love it! I'm sure there's a lot to come from these boys, they simply rock.

Don't say you love me Look but don't touch

Luke & Simon Boy stop looking

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A boy and a woman at the location of dreams

I recently had the pleasure of working with two wonderful models in a wonderful location with a wonderful make-up artist, stylist and assistant. It was a bit like Christmas and birthday at the same time for a photographer!

The shoot was for my "Look but don't touch" project, and I wanted to capture a "young boy, older women" theme, as I thought this would be really interesting to capture. The location was the location of dreams for a photographer, Lordship Park. I saw the pictures of this place and just fell in love with it.

Simon Jennings is 17 and definitely one of those up and coming models that I'm sure will achieve great things due to his natural talent and passion for modeling. As the theme for this shoot was a bit of a Mrs Robinson theme he was the perfect male model for the shoot. His passion for the shoot really helped make this a good one, and he already modeled like a pro. I was impressed by his level of commitment and skill. Not only was his looks perfect for the idea, but his posing, understanding of what I was trying to achieve and how the hair & make-up as well as wardrobe all contribute to the final image result was all in place. Accompanied by a great attitude and sweetness, he was wonderful to work with.

Deborah Ann Gaetano is a highly experienced model, and had the perfect look for the shoot. She's a classic, sophisticated beauty and knows how to work any situation. She perfectly embraced the idea we were shooting and worked to perfection with Simon. It made it so much easier for me to capture and the shoot flowed incredibly nicely. She is just a joy in general and brought a relaxed and light heartet atmosphere, which helped make this one of the funnest shoot days ever.

In addition I had the wonderful Sandra Bermingham who I could not have lived without on the day. I'm pretty sure she can read my mind when it comes to a brief. It was one of those really hectic days, where we were doing a whole load of shoots, and she perfectly gave me the looks I had in mind for each different scenario (for one of the later shoots with Deborah I think I gave her a one word brief, and I got some amazing stuff so wahey!). I normally have a full day to focus on a shoot, so to work with such fast past, with multiple models, was a new and great experience. You need good make-up artists that you trust for days like that! Simon also got the wonderful Ihunna (Stylist) involved to help us with wardrobe, who brought some amazing stuff! She also totally understood what I was going for and brought things I hadn't even thought of, which made such a big difference to the result. Also, if I hadn't been so lucky to have an assistant this day, I don't think I would have managed! Nick Tucker had kindly agreed to assist, and his help was absolutely invaluable. I didn't realise how much of a difference it would make on such a busy day, but definitely lesson learned for me.

Had so much fun at this shoot, and such a lovely team. In the process of editing the images at the moment, which is coming out how I had in my mind, so excited to keep editing and see this story unfold in images. Thanks so much to everyone involved, you were amazing :)

Simon & Deborah

Simon & Deborah

Simon & Deborah

Friday, 11 September 2009

And it was all yellow

I've always been scared of yellow. Not of the colour itself, but to use it in pictures or what I wear. So the only thing to do was to stand up to my fear and do a shoot based around yellow! Yes! I found this dress that my mum used to wear in the 60s that she gave to me when I was clearing out my loft a few weeks ago. It's bright yellow, so I thought it would be perfect for a little 60s themed shoot.

I booked lovely model Maysoon (yes the girl who was on Big Brother last year looking fabulously gorgous) who was up for some 60s fun! Make-up girly Melodie Briere did a great job in doing hair and make-up for the occasion. Lovely girls, great team = great day and lovely results. I loved Maysoon's dark features, which was really brought out when I put her in the yellow dress against a yellow background. Probably breaking many photography rules with yellow on yellow, but you be the judge of if it worked! I liked it and thought the yellow/black vibe worked for me. Also turned some of them into black & white which I may post up at a later point.

It was one of the hottest days of the summer, so after we had done the 60s vibe, we headed in to London close to Buckingham Palace to capture some more commercial, London chick pictures. After me and my car being searched for anything terrorist like and practically being escorted out of St James park, I was all good to go. Do I look like a terrorist? I felt my creativity being a little crushed by security guards and stupid rules that you can't photograph near the palace without a license. Oh well, found some ways around it, so got some good shots :).

And it was all yellow....