Saturday, 14 November 2009

Working with a1

I'm sure many of you have shed a tear or two as I haven't blogged in a while.... no? Things have been so hectic, I haven't had a moment to sit down and reflect on my life and work, and I have so many stories to tell! I've been doing a few great shoots, but most of my time have been spent working with the boys in a1.

As most of you know who know me or follow my work, one of the things I do is work for Ben Adams (British singer/songwriter/producer for those who have missed out on this amazing fact). Recently he and his old band, a1 have been working together again as they have 7 upcoming concerts in Norway in December. On the way so much has happened, and they've now released their first single as a band in 7 years for the first ever Red Nose Day in Norway. This makes me happy because:

1) The boys deserve all the success they can get as they are truly talented and nice boys
2) It's great to see good music go to a good cause, and I'm feeling surprisingly all about charity these days
3) It's given me an opportunity to photograph the band for their single cover, concerts posters, promotional press pics etc!

A few weeks ago we did the photoshoot, and had an amazingly fun day. Not only do I love all the boys to bits as they are genuinely super nice and fun to hang out with, but they are so easy to work with as a band as they are such pro's when it comes to photoshoot and they vibe off each others energy in such a wonderful way. The shoot flowed so nicely and I got such a variety of results. We did single cover shots for Red Nose Day, concert promotional shots including for their poster and also did a set outside for general promotional pictures. The boys are so creative, enjoy what they are doing and so focused on getting good results, that it made the day one of my most enjoyable shoot days I've had.

Single cover for "Take You Home":

"Take You Home" was released last Monday (Universal Norway), and is already doing really well over there in the chart after it's first week. I went over to Oslo with the boys and spent a week with them to promote the single and prepare for their upcoming 10 year celebration concerts at Christiania Theatre 9.-12. Dec and 17.-19. Dec. It was great to be back in my home country, and I had so much fun capturing the week and events on my Flip cam. I was able to capture a lot of behind the scenes material from the boys' many TV and radio slots, including their first performance of their single on Norwegian xfactor. Fun!

You can watch some of the behind the scenes footage below from the photoshoot day a few weeks ago:

For anyone particularly interested more behind the scenes videos from last week will be put up on Ben's blog as this is ready and published on the www.

A few other pictures captured during the photoshoot day:

Really can't wait till all the concerts in December. I'll be sure to bring my camera and capture some moments from all their concerts :)