Wednesday, 30 December 2009

A new year - new resolutions

2009 was a bit of an odd year. I moved to London. Lived on my own for the first time in my life. And spent a whole lot of time on a variety of things I'm passionate about. There were good times and bad times. But most importantly I am a year wiser, have more experience and a tonn of memories to look back at.

I like lists. I like to improve. And I like to be structured. (Wow what a fun person I sound like......haha). So this year I thought I'd be a bit more structured about my resolutions, to help me keep focus, keep improving at what I do and make 2010 a fun and eventful year. So I have come up with 24 new year resolutions for myself for the new year. Why 24 you say? So that I can aim to achieve two of them each month. According to my calculations that should in theory mean that I'd be able to post two blogs a month about it, plus 1-2 blogs a month related to photoshoot I do, which if my math is still alright that would mean I'd be able to blog just about once a week. In theory I say....... Lucky you! :)

But anyways, I head into 2010 with a positive attitude and am determined that 2010 will be a great year.

These are my New Year Resolutions I thought long and hard to come up with:

- Improve my video editing skills
- Exercise more
- Learn a song I can impress people with on the piano
- Be an awesome photographer
- Do a shoot that pleases my creativity and senses once a month
- Be nice to Ben
- Grow my hair longer
- Share useful information on Twitter
- Take awesome pictures of the a1 boys
- Update my website and blog more regularly
- Make time to read other people's blogs
- Keep up to date on things web 2.0
- Be happy with my weight
- Expand my networks
- Wear the expensive designer dress I bought in Iceland
- See a musical in the West end
- Light more candles
- Regular worship of Joss Whedon
- Do fun things
- Spoil myself often
- Do a gooder job than a badder one
- Go on holiday
- Believe in beauty
- Fall in love

Hopefully by making these public and not just putting them on a yellow sticket note that I am likely to loose or put in a drawer, this will inspire me to keep going back to them.

Do you have any resolutions? Is it a thing of the past, stupidity cause nobody ever follows them or a good opportunity to try to make the next year even better?


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Millah86 said...

Great resolutions Cecilie,but you allready have 2 of them down :P
You are a Great photographer and you are taking great pictures of a1(but of course we want to see more:P) :D

Have a super New Year and hope to see you soon.


Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks Camilla. One can always get even better at something though :)

Happy new year!

Sylvia said...

haha great resolutions.
I wish you the best of luck for 2010 and have a great new years eve!

btw, if you need help with the video editing thing or have questions regarding video you can always contact me. I also graduated as a video editor a few years back.

See you soon
Sylvia xx

Ana said...

Great resolutions, hope you can make all of them!
I've never done my resolutions because I would probably fail in everything, but as you say maybe if people write resolutions they will be more capable to do them.
Well, an awesome photographer you already are but I guess people always want more and more, which is an amazing thing!
Are you getting piano crazy? lol...I'd love to learn to play piano, its melody is so beautiful! Then you could do a video of you playing piano and put it here!
Have fun in fulfilling all!
See you next year :)
Ana Miranda xx

Cecilie Harris said...

Sylvia - Great, you're so full of useful skills! I'll make sure to bring with me some video questions when we do our hook up in mid-Jan :)

Ana - I used to play the piano, but I'm a bit rustly as haven't played for years. So want to practice at least one piece so I can play something if I'm in front of a good piano.

Marita said...

Ah that's a nice list of resolutuons Cecilie. You just encouraged me to make a list of my own! I have 10 - not as ambitious as you are! haha

Adam Robertson Photography said...

I think i'm going to have to follow your lead and make some resoultions to stick to and follow!! yours seem quite good and achievable!

good luck with them!! thank you for being a big part of my 2009 life Cecilie!! :) roll on 2010 and some crazy projects with you my photography partner in crime!!

Cecilie Harris said...

Marita and Adam, glad I could inspire you to make your own resolutions :)

Adam, thank YOU for the fun photography moments we had in 2009. Definitely up for more in 2010!

Katrine said...

Very nice resolutions :) I added you to bloglovin!

Elsa said...

You are my biggest ispiration, I love the way you take pictures. I love your pictures, and I hope I can be as good as you one day....

Have a Great New Year and lots of fun

Hugs Elsa

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks Katrine and Elsa for the lovely comments. Hope you have a fab 2010 :)

Maya said...

Woo, I have a list like that. Though not public, only on OneNote. And not 24, only 18 (so far). And not to be done in a year but before I die.

Lists rock. Haha

Have a supergreat 2010, CC!
Maya xx

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks muchos Maya. Good luck with your list and 2010 :) xx