Sunday, 31 January 2010

Photography inspiration: Craig Mcdean

There are so many photographers that inspire me! I thought I'd do a few blog posts to share some of my favorites and a few images or theirs that stand out to me.

First one up is Craig Mcdean who does such awesome editorials! Love his flair for catching emotions and using a location to it's best advantage. Love the tones in his images and find his story telling inspirational.

Friday, 29 January 2010

My January Ipod Playlist

I thought you guys would be awfully interested in what kind of music I listen to. Yes? Since I have such great music taste you say....

Ok then, twist my arm! Here is what I had in my favorites playlist on my ipod (or itouch to be politically correct) in January. Quite a mix of different music and artists.

1. Don't Wanna Lose You Again - A1
2. Russian Roulette - Rihanna
3. Maybe - Jay Sean
4. Uprising - Muse
5. 3 Words - Cheryl Cole
6. Young Forever - Jay-Z
7. What About Now - Westlife
8. Dumb - Alexandra Burke
9. The Last Kiss - Mark Read
10. When You're Cheating - James Norton

Hopefully you were able to find a song or two you hadn't heard and be one step closer to a weekend with a new cool track :)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Loving the new collection at Allsaints

I have for a long time loved pretty much everything they sell at Allsaints! I've got two pairs of boots from there, which I feel is far from enough.... dresses, skirts, tops etc. The colours are lovely, and the style is grungy and cool. Loving a lot of the stuff from the new collection, I feel I must have it all haha

Also really like some of the ad images. Makes me want to shoot at cool locations like this.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Published in Norwegian Cosmopolitan February 2010 Issue

When I arrived Norway last week Christian Ingebrigtsen of band a1 handed me the latest copy of the Norwegian Cosmopolitan Magazine. Not only was he "Man of the month" in this February issue (which is a pretty cool fact blogworthy in itself), but my pictures of him had been used for the two page spread. Wohoo!

Super pleased to get my images published in Cosmopolitan. I might have done a bit of an embarrassing celebration dance in the street. The magazine is still out in the shops, so for those that are based in Norway you can still grab yourself a copy.

Christian is such a lovely guy (his weird icecream-in-the-snow-eating habits aside.....) and is a pleasure to shoot. Can't wait to be back in Norway again, which shouldn't be too long. I feel like such a jet setter these days haha.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

When we're winning....

I do like blogging. It's super fun. And after the weekend I've had I feel I must share a few things. Prepare for a bit of an a1 overdose again for those that can handle it :)

So I spent this weekend in Skien where the semi finale of the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix was being held. A1 took part with their song "Don't Wanna Lose You Again", and went through to the Norwegian finale on the 6th of February in Oslo. Wohoo number one! Was such a rush to see the boys go through and I couldn't be more proud. Ben didn't really want to go to Frockenburg....... :).

And not only am I very excited to see how it goes in the finale on the 6th, the song is currently number 1 on iTunes in Norway! Wohoo number two!

I know I've got quite a few a1 supporters reading this blog, and it's so great to see that all of your wonderful support is helping, and more people actually get to hear what a1 are all about today. For me I think their music has matured into something really exciting, and it's so great to see that other people like it and voted the guys through yesterday. It's like the music matured with the guys. Couldn't be more excited at the moment. I also learned a really interesting (or weird?) fact about Christian: he eats icecream no matter the weather. Is eating icecream in the snow a bit odd, or just genius and why aren't we all doing it?!

Also, walking around the MGP area with a backstage pass made me feel quite important of course. It didn't have one of those AAA (Access All Areas) things on it, which I've tested by the way and never works! If it's access all areas, and it's only really giving you access to some areas, how can it be access all areas? Could I legally sue them? haha It took me about a year to figure out what AAA actually meant.....

I love it when we win, crossing fingers for the 6th! If they do win the Norwegian finale, it could put Norway in a great position in the Eurovision, as that might give the lovely British dudes and dudettes an excuse to vote for Norway, and all lovers of all things Norwegian and English around Europe could all unite in a vote fest for a1 to win for Norway... or something like that... haha. Should be great fun either way!

Managed to capture some pictures while i was there this weekend, so wanted to share a few of those with you of course. I loved the military type styling of the boys, and made it even funner to take my camera out. My long lense came to good use again. I'm really starting to like this gig photography thing!

A1 performs "Don't Wanna Lose You Again"

A1 performs "Don't Wanna Lose You Again"

A1 performs "Don't Wanna Lose You Again"

Friday, 22 January 2010

Another video blog published on VG's website

It's such a hard life..... following the a1 boys around here in Skien, with their usual antics and putting together a, dare I say "masterpiece", of a video blog. Every video I do I seem to have more fun with. The second video blog for VG was published on their website today and features Ben, Mark & Christian getting ready for Melodi Grand Prix tomorrow.

Click to watch video added on VG

There is so much snow here in Skien, and it's really pretty. And they've got warm cables under the side walks, so it keeps the sidewalks clear off snow. How super fancy!! I hope they've got waffles at breakfast tomorrow.

Also brought my camera to rehearsals today and thought I'd share a sneak peak with you during a break between the run throughs...

Remember to watch Saturday 23rd January and vote for "I Don't Wanna Lose You Again"! The track is now also available to buy on itunes.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Editorial in black & white

I can't wait to get a proper doze of sjoko melk whilst in Norway this weekend with a1 for the Norwegian Eurovision finale! It's oh so yum....

Before I spam my blog with a1 related posts again, I thought I'd post a quick one to share with you some images from my last fashion shoot last year. Just realised I haven't shared this on my blog yet. Crisis! :)

I was so excited to be working with two amazing people: model Claudia Adams from Nevs and clothing designer Kay Desmond. I had shot at this amazing location before with my partner in crime + wonderful photographer Adam Robertson, and thought it would be a perfect site to shoot Kay's dresses. So I arranged to bring Claudia all the way there, and Adam were kind enough to assist for the day. Much fun!


The dresses blended in so wonderfully with the pealing paint and Claudia was such a pleasure to work with. Enviously long legs and awesome posing! These two images posted in this blog I feel have a kind of classic french thing going on. Or maybe it's just me. But I loved them.

I do realise there is no sound on the video clip, but youtube has taken the sound off after weeks of it being on due to third party bla bla bla.... rude! I wish they'd tell me in the upload phase if I couldn't use the music or not. Or just add a link to itunes. Such a challenge to add music to behind the scenes videos these days, and now I've long ago stored the video files away on external hard disk. Wanted to share still as you still get an impression of the shoot. Will redo video with music when I have a moment.

More fashion shoots planned in February, so will share some stuff from that now that I'm blogging more regularly.

I also just found out yesterday that I've had images published in Norwegian Cosmopolitan, so feeling super exited about that. Will be sure to blog about it once I've had a chance to scan the pages :)

Monday, 18 January 2010

My Top 10 Favorite Blogs

A lot of you have been asking what other Blogs I read, so I thought I'd post a blog about my favorite blogs that inspire me that I follow regularly. I'm using Blogger at the moment to follow these, but looking to move my blog to Wordpress (stay tuned). I also use Bloglovin, as I find it quite easy to follow new blog posts that way and I can easily structure blogs into groups. Nice!

Also want to point out that reading other people's blogs more is one of my new year resolutions, so you can see I'm well on my way to being able to cross that one nicely off my list at the end of the year :)

So here you go, my TOP 10 FAVORITE BLOGS:

Ben Adams Video Blog

And my apologies for having this one first on my list, but for obvious reasons it had to be. And this is the only blog on my top 10 list I contribute to myself. Ben started this blog after his Celebrity Big Brother experience, and I've been using my Flip cam to capture all his behind the scenes video footage throughout this year. With every video I've wanted to do something better, something more advanced, so with his blog my interest in video and editing skills has grown. Something I'm very much looking forward to continue this year. Ben is one of the funniest guys I know, so it's easy to work with the material he provides me with. Some of my friends over in the US who have never heard of a1, still follow his video blog as they find it so entertaining. Nice!

Daydream Lily

One of my favorite blogs at the moment! And yet I find it quite hard to explain what the blog is about. It's a mix of dreamy thoughts, inspiring images, personal insight and just simple inspiration. Her posts always catches my attention, and often inspire me in one way or another. I also love how if she's away, she brings in guest bloggers to blog while she's away. Another great way to add another perspective and more inspiration. I must use this later on in my blog!

Women Blog

This is a blog I discovered quite recently, but I've already retweeted quite a few of their blogs which my followers have commented on. Includes latest campaign updates. Much inspiration to be found here!

The house always wins

16 year old photographer with an artsy mind. I like her. I have two of her photographs on my bathroom wall. She tends to see things in a different perspective and captures the world in her own way. She blogs a lot, and share everything from her own work, to others work, things that inspire her and day to day experiences. I find it interesting to follow people with different ages as everyone has a different perspective on things.

Fashion Photography Blog

A great blog for inspiring fashion images and a good resources for fashion photographers!

Sabine Pieper Photography & Illustration

I LOVE Sabine's illustrations, so always make sure not to miss her blog posts. Would love to work with her in some way one day.


Another great fashion blog that keeps you up to date on what's going on in fashion. Lots of great inspiring images for photographers as well.


This blog is for the Ilovefake Magazine and describes itself as an Art & Fashion magazine celebrating the spirit of youth, which is just what the blog provides. Inspiring and thought provoking, another one to sign up to.

Zemotion Blog

I've followed Zemotion's Blog for a while. She's a great photographer and I love how she posts a mix of her work and personal experiences. She captures a lot of her many travels with behind the scenes stuff, which I find interesting to read. Plus she also travel to exotic places that I dream of going and shoot!


Another blog I recently discovered and what I like about it the most is the attention to and love for beautiful details. Think I will find much inspiration here.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

In front of the lense......!?

I really prefer to be behind the lense, but every now and then the extrovert in me wants to get in front of it too. During a visit to my friend Jay Mclaughlin's new studio to check it out and go "ooh" and "aaahhhh" over it, I had a chance to play around in front of the lense myself for a bit.

It's quite funny, I'm comfortable directing models to pose and give me expressions, but to try to get a good picture of myself..... more of a challenge! Wouldn't even know what to do with my hands haha. But when you're in a relaxing environment in the studio with people you're comfortable with it doesn't matter as much, and Jay did a great job in capturing me the few moments I looked decent. So I'm pleased to have some cool pictures as a result of it. Time for some profile picture updates me thinks!

Would be interested to know how other photographers (or other non models) feel about this.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

My video blog on VG's website

Some of you who read my blog know that one of my new year resolutions is to improve my video skills this year. So it was super fun when my latest video work (also for a1's video blogs) was featured on VG's website today. A1 is participating in Eurovision for Norway on the 23rd of January with their song "Don't Want To Lose You Again", and we put together this video blog showing Ben make an attempt to become as Norwegian as possible.

Click to watch video added on VG

Next thing I need to get is a tripod! Birthday coming up soon, hint hint anyone.... :) Just upgraded to iMovie 09 yesterday, so now I can make footage move faster. Fancy! And I'm sure there are loads of other features I have yet to discover.

Having so much fun editing video, and Ben and the rest of the a1 guys are so much fun to work with, so look forward to continuing playing around with these videos and see how they develop through the year.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

oh it's lush!

I'm discovering the joys of blogging in many ways these days. Especially today when I received my winning price from Melinda at Miss Geeky (Blog)! In a competition on her blog a couple of weeks back I submitted a comment on the blog to win, and although I never win anything I won some wonderful products from Lush! Wohoo!

Little surprises that you don't expect like that makes you extra happy. And also I love products from Lush.

A whole box of goodies (the above are just a couple of the gorgous smellies included) to beautify myself with and enjoy lovely baths with. My house already smells lovelier. I love stuff with vanilla smell or anything with cinnamon. Mmmm.... (that's my blog smell noise)

And such a great idea to offer cool goodies on your blog every now and then. When I get enough readers on my blog I'm so gonna do that!

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Legally Blonde the Musical - snaps from me!

I just came back after watching Legally Blonde the Musical. OMG it was like totally awesome!

That's one of my New Year Resolutions ticked off my list already! One down, 23 to go. Wohoo! For those that thought I was being a bit too optimistic when setting myself 24 resolutions, get ready to eat your own words haha (erm... maybe......)

The Legally Blonde movie is one of my favorite movies ever, as it just puts me in a happy mood, so I was really excited to see the musical. I haven't been to see a musical forever actually, which is one of the things I promised myself when I moved back to London last January. Slap on own hand....

Sheridan Smirth did an amazing job as Elle Woods, and Duncan James was well suited to the role of Warner Huntington. Snaps to both of them. The show was as "good feel" as the movie, great energy and performances from the cast and I love how they kept it close to the movie yet at the same time had their own little quirky version of some of the scenes. Nice!

Yep, really enjoyed my musical experience and would definitely recommend it. What other musicals in London should I go see?

PS. Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed...

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Published in Tunes Magazine Issue 4 2009

Just got my hard copy of the latest issue of Tunes today, a Norwegian music magazine. Some of my a1 pictures were published in the issue as part of an article about the band. Wohoo!

Published in Tunes Magazine Issue 4 2009

Two of the same images was included that was used in most of a1's concert merchandise lately (it's odd in a good way to see your images being blown up to 2 meter tall posters and lots of people walking around with T-shirts with your picture on the back!). It's all good. So much of my time end of last year was dedicated to the band, so it's great to see my work from it popping up all over the place.
Looking forward to keep working with the boys this year.

Was generally a great mag as well, so for my Norwegian readers including the link to the website:

Sunday, 3 January 2010

How I use Twitter

I'm an avid Twitter user, and have over the last few months become slightly addicted if I have to admit. I think it's one of those good addictions however, as it has given me an opportunity to learn more, be inspired, network with some great people and share my thoughts and work.

I get a lot of questions about Twitter on a regular basis. Like: Who wants to know what someone you barely know had for dinner? Isn't it just full of teenagers? I don't know how to get any useful information out of it? But I don't have anything interesting to say? If you are asking any of these questions, you obviously haven't had my "Twitter" talk or taken enough time to look at what the benefits could be. So I thought I'd share some thoughts on why Twitter is working for me :)


1. I USE TWEETDECK to structure how I read information. It helps me be involved in the conversations and knowledge sharing I find interesting and useful.

* These are typical things I like to read on Twitter:
- See what friends and family are up to
- Be inspired by other photographers work and thoughts
- Stay informed of web 2.0 updates
- Keep up to date what my favorite musicians are up to
- News updates (I follow newspapers/TV News channels)
- Follow my favorite magazines to see what they are writing about
- Find models, make up artists and stylists to collaborate with
- Find other things that inspire me
- Have fun

* This is what I like to share:
- Personal thoughts and things that inspire me
- Showcase my photography
- Share useful hints and tips I may have
- Re-tweet interesting posts from others I follow
- Ask questions if I need help (some of my followers are bound to know something about it)

* Some things I find awesome about TweetDeck are:
- I can create groups and add the users I want to make sure I keep up to date with their Tweets. I have groups such as: Photographers, Models, Web 2.0, Bloggers, News, Magazines, Music.
- It enables me to see Direct Messages and Mentions from all the accounts I manage in one place
- I can set up Searches, to see what gets posted on Twitter for specific keywords. For instance "Ben Adams".
- I can easily post or reply to a Tweet from any of my accounts
- I can search and narrow down posts for keywords, questions posted, posts from a specific users, links etc easily, to find information quicker that I might be interested in
- I can automatically shorten URLs


2. BUILD UP QUALITY FOLLOWERSs - I'm starting to get quite a few followers. These are followers I have built up over the few months I have been using it. I either follow people I find interesting and think have something valuable to share, or people that follow me that I want to connect back with. In general I follow most users who follow me to thank them for doing so, and enable them to send me a Direct Message should they want to. The only people I don't follow back are users that are a) spammers, b) don't tweet, c) are obviously just trying to sell me something and not interested in communicating and reading what I have to say or 4) tweets in a language I don't understand. I don't add people just to add people so they will follow me back. I prefer quality over quantity.

3. SELF PROMOTION IS OK AS LONG AS YOU ALSO HELP PROMOTE OTHERS - A lot of people on Twitter do a lot of shameless self promotion. I think this is fine as long as you don't overdo it and also share other information, including helping promoting others. That's what makes it a community. For me it has to be a two way thing. Give some, take some. We all learn something.

4. GET INVOLVED IN CONVERSATIONS - I am not a fan of people who are too arrogant to get involved in conversations and respond to people. Why should I help promote you if you are not willing to talk to me back? I find it quite arrogant. Unless it's a user that has 20,000 followers and obviously don't have time to answer all their mentions. Twitter is a great place to share information and learn/be inspired by others.

5. RE-TWEET OTHERS POSTS - I always make a point of re-tweeting other people's tweets that I want to share with my followers. As much as I believe people like to hear about my thoughts and what I do, I think if I can share useful information others post as well it will be even more beneficial for my followers to follow me.

6. DON'T HAVE LONG PRIVATE CONVERSATIONS IN PUBLIC - I find this mostly gets very boring to watch, and quickly move people out of my TweetDeck groups if there's a lot of private conversations going on that is not interesting to me. It means that I have to scan through too much information that isn't adding any value to me. Personally if I find the conversations get a bit long, I move them to Direct Messaging. I do think it's good to respond to people in public if it's information I think other people might enjoy seeing or to help expose the Tweeter so they might get more followers if they were kind enough to mention me.

7. SAY THANK YOU - It's nice to be polite. People like that. I like that. I try to thank people that re-tweet my posts and mentions me on FollowFriday.

8. RESPOND TO PEOPLE - I try to respond to as many of my mentions as I can, if it's one that is a question or someone commenting on something I shared.

9. DON'T CHEAT - I have noticed that some people add me just so I follow them, and then unfollow me again, so it looks like they have a lot of followers. They obviously don't have any interest in what I have to say. These people I unfollow as soon as I notice using Friend or Follow. Great tool for seeing who just added you for selfish reasons and who is following you that you may have forgotten to follow back.

10. POST REGULAR UPDATES WITHOUT CREATING OVERFLOW - I try to keep my tweets between 5-10 a day. I want to make sure I post regular updates to share useful info with my followers, but I at the same time don't want to post too much as it can get annoying or people don't get to focus on the information I posted that day already.

All the above has helped me build my own Twitter community and built my followers and who I follow.

You can follow me at CecilieNH, see you on Twitter :)