Sunday, 17 January 2010

In front of the lense......!?

I really prefer to be behind the lense, but every now and then the extrovert in me wants to get in front of it too. During a visit to my friend Jay Mclaughlin's new studio to check it out and go "ooh" and "aaahhhh" over it, I had a chance to play around in front of the lense myself for a bit.

It's quite funny, I'm comfortable directing models to pose and give me expressions, but to try to get a good picture of myself..... more of a challenge! Wouldn't even know what to do with my hands haha. But when you're in a relaxing environment in the studio with people you're comfortable with it doesn't matter as much, and Jay did a great job in capturing me the few moments I looked decent. So I'm pleased to have some cool pictures as a result of it. Time for some profile picture updates me thinks!

Would be interested to know how other photographers (or other non models) feel about this.


Jay McLaughlin said...

You're awesome to shoot Cecilie!!!!

You were just yourself in front of the camera, which was great!

I always pull silly faces and act like an idiot in front of the camera. That said, I do like having good photos of myself and always feel that I should have more!

You'll have to do some of me very soon!!! ;)

AnetteBP said...

I hate to be in front of the lense!! Rather behind it ;) But when Im with my horse, its just different. I'm really relaxed, and I can even smile!! But you look so beautiful in those pictures Jay took of you! :)

Jay McLaughlin said...

That's because she is beautiful! All I had to do was push the button! ;)

Sylvia said...

Love these pictures! They're so spontaneous and fun. :)

Cecilie Harris said...

Jay - oh stop it you! haha Of course I'll be happy to return the favor :)

Thanks Sylvia!

Anette - I think being in our natural element really helps, so for you your horse obviously helps. I actually find this when working with non models, that putting them in a more natural element helps to get a more natural result.

Jay McLaughlin said...

You love it really! :P

Back on topic... I think most people find it easier to be photographed when they're relaxed, and as photographers, it's part of our job to be able to put people at ease in front of the camera.

Jessica Williamsen said...

I love it! Are those the infamous gloves?

Cecilie Harris said...

haha i guess they are :)