Thursday, 21 January 2010

Editorial in black & white

I can't wait to get a proper doze of sjoko melk whilst in Norway this weekend with a1 for the Norwegian Eurovision finale! It's oh so yum....

Before I spam my blog with a1 related posts again, I thought I'd post a quick one to share with you some images from my last fashion shoot last year. Just realised I haven't shared this on my blog yet. Crisis! :)

I was so excited to be working with two amazing people: model Claudia Adams from Nevs and clothing designer Kay Desmond. I had shot at this amazing location before with my partner in crime + wonderful photographer Adam Robertson, and thought it would be a perfect site to shoot Kay's dresses. So I arranged to bring Claudia all the way there, and Adam were kind enough to assist for the day. Much fun!


The dresses blended in so wonderfully with the pealing paint and Claudia was such a pleasure to work with. Enviously long legs and awesome posing! These two images posted in this blog I feel have a kind of classic french thing going on. Or maybe it's just me. But I loved them.

I do realise there is no sound on the video clip, but youtube has taken the sound off after weeks of it being on due to third party bla bla bla.... rude! I wish they'd tell me in the upload phase if I couldn't use the music or not. Or just add a link to itunes. Such a challenge to add music to behind the scenes videos these days, and now I've long ago stored the video files away on external hard disk. Wanted to share still as you still get an impression of the shoot. Will redo video with music when I have a moment.

More fashion shoots planned in February, so will share some stuff from that now that I'm blogging more regularly.

I also just found out yesterday that I've had images published in Norwegian Cosmopolitan, so feeling super exited about that. Will be sure to blog about it once I've had a chance to scan the pages :)


Sylvia said...

Try uploading it to Vimeo! It's a great site for uploading videos in high quality and they don't mute the sound. :) xx Sylvia

Jessica Williamsen said...

These are by far my fav photos of yours. They are gorgeous!! Great job :)

Drea said...

Fantastisk fint.

Steven said...

ooops...double post.

Beautiful the location!


Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks Steve, I love this location and it suited the dresses really well.

Just checked out your website, and looks like we've got a very similar style and thoughts on retouching :)