Monday, 18 January 2010

My Top 10 Favorite Blogs

A lot of you have been asking what other Blogs I read, so I thought I'd post a blog about my favorite blogs that inspire me that I follow regularly. I'm using Blogger at the moment to follow these, but looking to move my blog to Wordpress (stay tuned). I also use Bloglovin, as I find it quite easy to follow new blog posts that way and I can easily structure blogs into groups. Nice!

Also want to point out that reading other people's blogs more is one of my new year resolutions, so you can see I'm well on my way to being able to cross that one nicely off my list at the end of the year :)

So here you go, my TOP 10 FAVORITE BLOGS:

Ben Adams Video Blog

And my apologies for having this one first on my list, but for obvious reasons it had to be. And this is the only blog on my top 10 list I contribute to myself. Ben started this blog after his Celebrity Big Brother experience, and I've been using my Flip cam to capture all his behind the scenes video footage throughout this year. With every video I've wanted to do something better, something more advanced, so with his blog my interest in video and editing skills has grown. Something I'm very much looking forward to continue this year. Ben is one of the funniest guys I know, so it's easy to work with the material he provides me with. Some of my friends over in the US who have never heard of a1, still follow his video blog as they find it so entertaining. Nice!

Daydream Lily

One of my favorite blogs at the moment! And yet I find it quite hard to explain what the blog is about. It's a mix of dreamy thoughts, inspiring images, personal insight and just simple inspiration. Her posts always catches my attention, and often inspire me in one way or another. I also love how if she's away, she brings in guest bloggers to blog while she's away. Another great way to add another perspective and more inspiration. I must use this later on in my blog!

Women Blog

This is a blog I discovered quite recently, but I've already retweeted quite a few of their blogs which my followers have commented on. Includes latest campaign updates. Much inspiration to be found here!

The house always wins

16 year old photographer with an artsy mind. I like her. I have two of her photographs on my bathroom wall. She tends to see things in a different perspective and captures the world in her own way. She blogs a lot, and share everything from her own work, to others work, things that inspire her and day to day experiences. I find it interesting to follow people with different ages as everyone has a different perspective on things.

Fashion Photography Blog

A great blog for inspiring fashion images and a good resources for fashion photographers!

Sabine Pieper Photography & Illustration

I LOVE Sabine's illustrations, so always make sure not to miss her blog posts. Would love to work with her in some way one day.


Another great fashion blog that keeps you up to date on what's going on in fashion. Lots of great inspiring images for photographers as well.


This blog is for the Ilovefake Magazine and describes itself as an Art & Fashion magazine celebrating the spirit of youth, which is just what the blog provides. Inspiring and thought provoking, another one to sign up to.

Zemotion Blog

I've followed Zemotion's Blog for a while. She's a great photographer and I love how she posts a mix of her work and personal experiences. She captures a lot of her many travels with behind the scenes stuff, which I find interesting to read. Plus she also travel to exotic places that I dream of going and shoot!


Another blog I recently discovered and what I like about it the most is the attention to and love for beautiful details. Think I will find much inspiration here.


Drea said...

Å, takk for bloggtips! Den første var jo bare helt fantastisk. Nå skal jeg sjekke resten! :)

Cecilie Harris said...

Hyggelig, hyggelig..... flott du likte den foerste allerede, og haper du fant flere du likte :)

Sophie Ellen Photography said...

Thanks Cecilie! =) x

Cecilie Harris said...

Sophie Ellen, you're welcome :). And if you find any other useful blogs I should know about, I might do another blog in a few months time when I have discovered new inspiring blogs as well.

apples said...

*a1 flashback from ten years ago*

Man, we were such kids :P

Sophie Ellen Photography said...

urm.. heres a few I like (i think youve mentioned a few of them already)


Daydream Lily said...

aw thank you for including me. A great list!!

Cecilie Harris said...

Welcome to my blog apples, I've got plenty to bring you back down memory lane :)

Sophie Ellen, that's another great list, I've signed up to several of those that I wasn't following yet!

Thanks Daydream Lily, a pleasure to feature you here, look forward to keep following your blog :)

Maria said...

Thanks for the recommendations, Cecilie :)

Du tar forresten helt fantastiske bilder! De av a1-gutta er helt superbe, men jeg har også sjekket ut my annet i portfolien din, du er rett og slett blitt en av mine favorittfotografer :)

Cecilie Harris said...

awww det var da veldig kjekt aa hoere Maria! Jeg skal passe paa aa blogge ut nye spennende bilder jeg tar :)