Thursday, 7 January 2010

Published in Tunes Magazine Issue 4 2009

Just got my hard copy of the latest issue of Tunes today, a Norwegian music magazine. Some of my a1 pictures were published in the issue as part of an article about the band. Wohoo!

Published in Tunes Magazine Issue 4 2009

Two of the same images was included that was used in most of a1's concert merchandise lately (it's odd in a good way to see your images being blown up to 2 meter tall posters and lots of people walking around with T-shirts with your picture on the back!). It's all good. So much of my time end of last year was dedicated to the band, so it's great to see my work from it popping up all over the place.
Looking forward to keep working with the boys this year.

Was generally a great mag as well, so for my Norwegian readers including the link to the website:


nevrothwen said...

I love that photo of the boys. I see it everyday as I bought the poster and put it up next to my bed.

Anette said...

I bought that magazine today actually :D It is a great picture, I love it! You are so talented, I take some pictures but I'm not that good yet. Maybe some day with lots of studying and practice :)

Katrine said...

That is so cool! Bet you are proud of them using your pictures all over, and you should be because they are truly amazing!

I've actually never heard about that magazine before and I'm Norwegian :p

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks guys!

nevrothwen - you've obviously got good taste :)

Anette - practice, practice, practice :)

Katrine - glad I could make you aware of a Norwegian magazine you weren't aware of!

Jasmine said...

Cool photo! I like your blog x

ultimatea1 said...

These pictures of the 1st photoshot in a long time are really beautiful!