Friday, 26 February 2010

Beauty on the street

I've been having a lot of fun with my 5D lately, and been enjoying shooting fashion again. Wanted to share some images that was shot for a submission. These images are from the first look of the day, I have a completely different look to share in a later blog. But I love these as they're so delicate and innocent. Tamara (Nevs Models) was wonderful at going for the expressions and moods I gave her and giving me plenty of variety within that.

I wanted to give the images an urban and rough feel, but mix in the beauty of Tamara in this setting. As like a miracle it didn't rain that day, so we were able to shoot outside. I found this treasure of a place outside (ok, so boring end of street for others) to shoot. Also had the wonderful Sandra Berminham to do her usual make-up wonders and amazing hair stylist Kim Roy on the team for the day.




On a completely different note thanks so much to those who have submitted images for my photographer editing challenge so far. I'm still keeping it open for a few more days to collect some more entries, then I will be sharing the results with you. It's amazing how many versions and interpretations of an image there can be. Be excited!

Also the second set from my shoot with Tamara will be posted up soon, so even more to be excited about. It is Friday to be fair, so one should have things to look forward to :)


Carlo said...

HI Cecile,

Very nice photos. I like them very much!

Anonymous said...

This is a great blog, and u take really good photos!
xx Kristin LS

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks Carlo and Kristin! And welcome to my blog :)

AnetteBP said...

Oh, Cecilie, these are just fabulous. I love the first one, and the lighting and colours in the second. She is quite beautiful as well, lovelly pictures :)

Cecilie Harris said...

Well thank you Anette, how fabulous of you to say. The first one is my favorite too. Look forward hearing what you think of the second set I will be adding up soon :)

Martine said...

Nice pictures, as always :)