Thursday, 4 February 2010

Collaborating over Telepresence to share my photography experience

Although I couldn't get the room with 3 screens, Telepresence is still one of my favorite things to do. For those not in the know = video conferencing with pretty much an experience of seeing someone real size in front of you. Awesome!

To share my experience and photography with a group of photographers in Oklahoma, I spent an hour collaborating over Telepresence recently. We also used our good friend the Flip cam to film some of it.

I find collaborating with other photographers interesting and inspiring, and when I was asked to present to this cool bunch I had to say yes. Plus I feel I needed some new friends in Oklahoma. I also found out they've got some awesome locations to shoot over there, so I might go out at some point, who knows!

As a photographer it's great that there are so many tools to enable us to collaborate whether it's technology or social networking tools. There are a lot of them out there, but used wisely it can give great benefit and it's also fun :)


Stine said...


AnetteBP said...

It would have been so fun and I think I would have learned a lot, to stalk you for a day ;) Hehe. That would have been so much fun! Your pictures are great, and I often look at them to be inspired :)

Phieffer said...

your really one of a kind really inspired me to become one....loving it really cant wait for your new valentine photography..

Cecilie Harris said...

thanks everyone for the lovely comments :)

sandra said...

Cecilie you are brilliant both professionally and personally!!!

Cecilie Harris said...

aww thanks Sandra :)