Saturday, 27 February 2010

I love it when....

......model comp cards have my pictures on it! lol

I went to see the lovely guys at Nevs Models recently and was pleased to discover some of my pictures have been used on model comp cards. Little things like that excite me quite a lot.

The lovely Eliza who I shot with a few months ago with my partner in crime Adam Robertson. Reminded me what a fun day we had.

Glad they picked this image cause I really like it. Eliza looks gorgous and the colour in her eyes goes with the wall behind.

Eliza @ Nevs

I was supposed to be shooting today, but the model cancelled last minute. Which means the make up artist and myself ended up planning some super fab shoots over a few cocktails. Yes, I know how to turn a bad situation into a good one obviously.

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AnetteBP said...

That is a dream to reach for! Congrats to you! :D Yea, Im looking forward to see the rest of the pictures of Tamara :D