Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tweets that made me laugh

Just got back from a week staying in the Canary Islands. Nice! I have a tan :)

Thought I should celebrate my return with a bit of a random blog.... Don't you just love Twitter? Outside of being the source of a lot of helpful information to keep me updated on the world of photography, web 2.0, fashion and music, people tweet some pretty random things. Some make me laugh and others just make me go "what!.... ok.....?".

So here's a list of my Top 10 weird/funny tweets (and do excuse my poor sense of humour):

* One of my FB friends misspelled the word "bored" 2 times (in 2 different ways!) in a single status post. Feeling judge-y, I may unfriend.
Cruel, but funny...

* Tuesday... You suck
Tweet by @bigcrustyape. Felt his pain lol

* Spreadsheets are evil
Tweet by my charmingly and wonderfully odd friend @FridSolheim

* You & me.. lets try? =]
Is Twitter an effective method of interpersonal problem solving?

* Da finner vi frem den gule sangen, dere.
English translation: "Let's find the yellow song you guys". Reminded me of my school days.

* Do whales have balls?
Tweet by the ever so random @benadams

* Are we dead yet?
Tweet by @rhys_isterix. Not understanding this Tweet at all, but it was just one of those random things that made me laugh.

* Jeg fryser og har lyst på smågodt. Vil ikke ha svisker.
English translation: "I'm cold and want pick & mix. Don't want prunes". Randomness factor definitely!

* Ew, ew, ew! Spider IN my bed
Yet she had time to Tweet? :)

* Hi-light of the day so far: model called asking if she left her pony plug in our bathroom. So not funny. If I find it, I'm not touching it.
Tweet by @NewPhotoDigest

Note: I couldn't remember who posted all of them, so only a few have links to Twitter accounts

Pretty useless blog post and probably funny mostly to me with my "let's call it odd sense of humour", but do feel free to share some of your faves from your Twitter followers in the comments below :)

Seriously, promise to share more inspriring photography stuff very soon :)

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Photographer inspiration: Karl Lagerfeld

Now that I read blogs more regularly and am subscribing to some great bloggers through Bloglovin, I get so much inspiration for my photography on a daily basis. One that popped out recently is the Chanel Latin Lover series (Summer 2010) by karl Lagerfeld.

I'm getting quite obsessed with Chanel lately as I love their clothes and style. If oh I could only afford any of it!

I love that this campaign is on location and tells a story. It's something I aspire to do with my own images, so much respect for this amazing series of images. It's wonderful to have work like this to inspire me as a photographer.

And as a girl - I want those clothes! Where are all the rich sugardaddys when you need them haha








Karl Lagerfeld

Monday, 15 March 2010


Home is where you hang your hat they say. Which to me means that home is wherever you are at the moment. They also say that there's no place like home, which sort of means that it's lovely to travel around, but it's good to be back to your own stuff again when you finally get back home. So I'm slightly confused, but there you go. Maybe the saying should be "home is where you can be bothered to decorate"?

Many things can be said about Ben Adams and one of those things should be that the boy has taste! If you're looking for someone to give advise on what wallpaper or soap dispenser to get, then Ben is your guy (believe me, I once went shopping with Ben and came back with the lovliest soap dispenser and at a very good price as well).

Ben Adams

While Ben is away touring in Norway, I'm looking after his swanky London flat to make sure that 1) it doesn't burn down, 2) it doesn't get abducted by aliens or 3) it doesn't get invaded by three gypsy families redecorating his livingroom to match the colours of their favorite songs. I have recently checked on all of these, and so far all good.

To make all this traveling a bit easier for Ben and make sure he has something to put a smile on his face when missing home, I brought my camera around to capture little sneak peaks of home for him. Thought I'd share it with the world. Why not..... :)

Sunday, 14 March 2010


I'm noticing my images of the boys in a1 are starting to appear on fan art around the internet, which is very flattering. Fan art is a great promotional tool to share images of your favorite band with others, and help spread music goodness. It reminds me of how I started learning photoshop and playing around, letting my creativity flow.


There are some really great fan art out there at the moment. Especially liking the material that Martine Jacobsen has been creating (included in this blog). I encourage all a1 fans out there to explore what's out there, use and create stuff yourself too. It's fun!


Note that a couple of the icon images aren't mine, but thought the design was so cool that I wanted to include them in the mix anyways.

PS. If you want to use any of my pictures for fan art for fan pages etc I'm always going to say yes, but it's always nice when people ask first (which most of the time people seem to be very good at doing).

Sunday - it is the day of good new music

Ok so I definitely had my five a day last night (in the shape of tasting a range of cocktails I hadn't tasted before). There was this one with passion fruit that was absolutely divine. I'm also looking forward making my very own extreme fizzy duck soon. Yes I am. But enough about me and cocktails...

Today. Sunday. It's a day of laziness.

I'm going to relax, go shopping for shoes and other very necessary things and have lunch cooked for me (yay!). And I'm also going to listen to this fabulous new tune from Diana Vickers called "Once". Loving it a lot!

Since watching xfactor, thinking she had a wicked voice, I've looked forward to what she would release, and I'm not disappointed! Great song, that fits her style and voice. It's on repeat already at mine.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Ferne's new clothing range - I'm a fan

What does everyone think of the new clothing range from Ferne Cotton?

I'm quite a fan. Ferne must be one of THE coolest women in the UK at the moment, so when she comes out with a clothing range, I'm sure to check it out! Must get myself something from her collection. Still deciding on what. What are you guys liking? What to buy, what to buy......


You can check out her stuff at very.co.uk.

Thursday, 11 March 2010


It's about time I got some more boys on my portfolio. I tend to shoot women. I like the feminine element in a photo and how you can play with it to make it an interesting image. It makes it easy to tell a story. I want to explore and discover the same for boys, so I asked the lovely dudes and dudettes of Nevs modeling agency to send me some boys (I did ask very politely, not in a demandy kind of way). They sent me Conor.


Conor is the youngest model I have worked with. The shoot was booked last minute, so I didn't have a team behind me to do amazing things with hair and make-up. We were on our own. Just me, the boy and........ Battersea Park. As a photographer I love the challenge of being able to work wonders no matter what support you may or may not have with you on the day. As wonderful as it is to have others take away your worries in some areas so you can fully focus on the images, there is also something fun about a super simple scenario where you have to worry about all the elements.


Really pleased with the images, and feel I was able to tell a story with them the same way I like to work with female models. Happy I've got some more male images to add to my humble work of wonders :)

Sunday, 7 March 2010

All You Need Is Love

Valentines day.... no date. What to do? What to do? As a photographer there is only one thing to do when one doesn't have a date on Valentines day - shoot other people that do!

So I asked my Twitter and Facebook friends and followers to raise a hand if they were in a relationship and was willing to let me photograph them for an hour or so on Valentines day. I booked in four couples. Real couples. All these couples have something I'm jealous of. They have LOVE!

I wanted to take the opportunity to capture real moments between two people and satisfy my Valentines bug at the same time. So using one of Beatles greatest to showcase these images, I put together a little video for you guys to check out the results.

Hopefully you enjoy this little story of love :)

And to Esyllt, Gweon, Andrew, Lucy, Eddette, Franz, Lucy and David, thanks for letting me gatecrash your Valentines day! You were all wonderful and fun to work with, and made my day such a fun day. (Your pictures will be in your inbox soon :) )

Friday, 5 March 2010

That Friday feeling

It's Friday! I almost have a free weekend in front of me. And when I say "almost" I mean that I have a mountain of editing to do, plus I may be testing on Saturday. That's as relaxing as it gets lol. It's all ok, I'm still relaxed from last week's Sanctuary extravaganza! For those that haven't been - most relaxing ever and wonderful spa in Covent Garden (women only).

This weekend I'm also going to get all the submissions I received for the photographer editing challenge ready to post, finish up on my Valentines project, finalising the presentation of my "Look but don't touch" project and maybe even get around to updating my blog layout. I've a tonn of shoots to plan and need to nurse my new passion for "Alias" (I now want to be a spy, although I'd be a really rubbish one as I'm not at all observant or have a poker face).

In the meantime before I have all the above cool things to blog about, throwing in an image from one of my latest client shoots. I normally don't share a lot of those, I'm not sure why. This is Nicola, she was very lovely :)


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Photographer editing challenge

I recently had this idea that it would be interesting to see how different photographers would approach the same image. So I challenged fellow photographers on Twitter and Facebook to edit one of my images from one of my recent couple shoots. The interest and feedback was phenomenal - I didn't even know that many people were reading my blog! lol

Some photographers came back with a colour version, others with cross-processing effects (linked to a previous discussion on Twitter) and others went the black & white route. Each version looks different, and it was interesting to see how different details in the image was approached.

The thing I wanted to point out with the challenge was that there isn't really a right or wrong - it's all about personal taste. Each photographer has their personal style, and having all these photographers editing one of my images enabled me to see things done with it that I might not have thought of.

Have a look through the submissions below. Hope you find it inspiring and interesting to see how this little experiment turned out. Thanks a million (like the Irish say) to the photographers that took part, you guys are great sports! I've included links to their website so you can check out some of their own work as well :)

Original unedited image:


Rik Irons mclean - Website

Christine Xuan - Website

Nick Tucker - Website

Adam Robertson - Website

Mark Leach - Website

Stine Selvag - Website

Nathan Pask - Website

Nick Haigh - Website

Eddette @ Purple Apple Studios - Website

John Smith - Website

Haldor Lonningdal - Website

Charlotte Trotman

Jessica Williamsen - Blog

Karolina Zebrowska - Website

Marie Poegedal - Website

Martine Jacobsen - Website

Sijle Brenden - Website

Sylvia De Boer - Website

Monday, 1 March 2010

To the ball we go

Wanted to share images from the second set of my shoot with Tamara. We put her in a gorgous dress from Elm Designs, Reykjavik, and I let Kim Roy go as creative as she wanted with the hair as long as it kept a vibe of Cinderella innocence in it, whilst Sandra Bermingham went really dark and dramatic with the make up.


I picked this location as I wanted the colours in the dress to be in line with the colours of the black earth and green moss, which is the designers inspiration from Iceland when she designed her collection.


My next blog will be posting up results from my photographer editing challenge :)