Sunday, 14 March 2010


I'm noticing my images of the boys in a1 are starting to appear on fan art around the internet, which is very flattering. Fan art is a great promotional tool to share images of your favorite band with others, and help spread music goodness. It reminds me of how I started learning photoshop and playing around, letting my creativity flow.


There are some really great fan art out there at the moment. Especially liking the material that Martine Jacobsen has been creating (included in this blog). I encourage all a1 fans out there to explore what's out there, use and create stuff yourself too. It's fun!


Note that a couple of the icon images aren't mine, but thought the design was so cool that I wanted to include them in the mix anyways.

PS. If you want to use any of my pictures for fan art for fan pages etc I'm always going to say yes, but it's always nice when people ask first (which most of the time people seem to be very good at doing).


Kristin LS said...

wow, this is great! Thanks for showing us this : )

Cecilie Harris said...

very welcome. good creativity should be shared with others :)

Ana Miranda said...

Martine is really great with those, she does this like it wqas easy, in so little time! She posted her a1-nish art on Ultimatea1 forum as well!

Cecilie Harris said...

Cool, great that you are putting them up on the fansites :)

Martine said...

Wow, thank you for include me in your blog Cecilie, it means a lot to me that you wanna share my work with others and it also contribute to give my blog more visits, thank you so much:)

Cecilie Harris said...

Very welcome Martine. Keep up the good work :)