Friday, 5 March 2010

That Friday feeling

It's Friday! I almost have a free weekend in front of me. And when I say "almost" I mean that I have a mountain of editing to do, plus I may be testing on Saturday. That's as relaxing as it gets lol. It's all ok, I'm still relaxed from last week's Sanctuary extravaganza! For those that haven't been - most relaxing ever and wonderful spa in Covent Garden (women only).

This weekend I'm also going to get all the submissions I received for the photographer editing challenge ready to post, finish up on my Valentines project, finalising the presentation of my "Look but don't touch" project and maybe even get around to updating my blog layout. I've a tonn of shoots to plan and need to nurse my new passion for "Alias" (I now want to be a spy, although I'd be a really rubbish one as I'm not at all observant or have a poker face).

In the meantime before I have all the above cool things to blog about, throwing in an image from one of my latest client shoots. I normally don't share a lot of those, I'm not sure why. This is Nicola, she was very lovely :)



Phieffer said...

just enjoy your life c... though your always busy.. take care!!! mwaahhuugsss ;)


Bob Rhodes said...

And that's a weekend off!, enjoy!

Cecilie Harris said...

haha yes, i'm a bit of a workaholic. i'm working on it :)

Martine said...

så lenge du koser deg og har det bra, hva kan bli bedre? :-D

Jessica Williamsen said...

isn't friday the best? have a great weekend!