Monday, 1 March 2010

To the ball we go

Wanted to share images from the second set of my shoot with Tamara. We put her in a gorgous dress from Elm Designs, Reykjavik, and I let Kim Roy go as creative as she wanted with the hair as long as it kept a vibe of Cinderella innocence in it, whilst Sandra Bermingham went really dark and dramatic with the make up.


I picked this location as I wanted the colours in the dress to be in line with the colours of the black earth and green moss, which is the designers inspiration from Iceland when she designed her collection.


My next blog will be posting up results from my photographer editing challenge :)


AnetteBP said...

I love the colours in the dress along with the ground and the sky. It fits so well together :) Great job!!

Martine said...

I love the shoot! The dress, the nature, the model :) very nice!

LucĂ­a Rubio said...

i really love this session.

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks guys, me and my team for the day really loved playing with what the design inspired us to do with location, hair and make-up. Makes it easier to tell a story with a picture to look at and play with all the different elements.

Stine said...

Love, love, love the styling!
Amazing photos as always! x

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks Stine. Both Sandra and Kim are amazing creatives :)