Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tweets that made me laugh

Just got back from a week staying in the Canary Islands. Nice! I have a tan :)

Thought I should celebrate my return with a bit of a random blog.... Don't you just love Twitter? Outside of being the source of a lot of helpful information to keep me updated on the world of photography, web 2.0, fashion and music, people tweet some pretty random things. Some make me laugh and others just make me go "what!.... ok.....?".

So here's a list of my Top 10 weird/funny tweets (and do excuse my poor sense of humour):

* One of my FB friends misspelled the word "bored" 2 times (in 2 different ways!) in a single status post. Feeling judge-y, I may unfriend.
Cruel, but funny...

* Tuesday... You suck
Tweet by @bigcrustyape. Felt his pain lol

* Spreadsheets are evil
Tweet by my charmingly and wonderfully odd friend @FridSolheim

* You & me.. lets try? =]
Is Twitter an effective method of interpersonal problem solving?

* Da finner vi frem den gule sangen, dere.
English translation: "Let's find the yellow song you guys". Reminded me of my school days.

* Do whales have balls?
Tweet by the ever so random @benadams

* Are we dead yet?
Tweet by @rhys_isterix. Not understanding this Tweet at all, but it was just one of those random things that made me laugh.

* Jeg fryser og har lyst på smågodt. Vil ikke ha svisker.
English translation: "I'm cold and want pick & mix. Don't want prunes". Randomness factor definitely!

* Ew, ew, ew! Spider IN my bed
Yet she had time to Tweet? :)

* Hi-light of the day so far: model called asking if she left her pony plug in our bathroom. So not funny. If I find it, I'm not touching it.
Tweet by @NewPhotoDigest

Note: I couldn't remember who posted all of them, so only a few have links to Twitter accounts

Pretty useless blog post and probably funny mostly to me with my "let's call it odd sense of humour", but do feel free to share some of your faves from your Twitter followers in the comments below :)

Seriously, promise to share more inspriring photography stuff very soon :)


Elisabeth said...

Hahaha :P

Adam Robertson Photography said...

hahaha got to love a good twitter comment! the bored one was funny!

John Smith said...

I love the pick and mix one!! I was cold today too and would kill to able to hit the Woolworths pick and mix!!

AnetteBP said...

Welcome back! :D Missed your blogs ;) haha. And randomness on twitter is so funny ;) Im getting more in love with twitter, for each day passing ;)

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks Anette, glad to be missed.

And thanks for making me feel less of a dork everyone for finding these tweets funny in the first place :)

Stine said...

People laugh at my tweets all the time, so it was nice that it was the other way around for a change HAHA!

Hope to see some snaps from you trip! x

Cecilie Harris said...

I didn't even bring my camera Stine! But I have other images to share from shoots soon :)

Martine said...

haha I like your random posts! I think you have the same humor as me.. don't know if it's a good thing though.. cause I've been told I have the worse humor ever..! haha! I guess it's that way with some of us norwegians:P Keep on posting randomness! ;)

Cecilie Harris said...

It must be a Norwegian thing :)