Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fashion Photographers on Twitter

I've been thinking lately that Twitter would be a great place to follow the work of fashion photographers I look up to (the Vogue and such published kind). However, it seems a bit of an effort to find them. Perhaps they haven't entered the world of tweeting yet. But they should! Would be a great way to keep inspired and follow their work more closely.

I just looked through the April issue of Vogue and googled all the photographer I could find, and still not much luck.

So the list I have so far is rather short, but as I find more will add to it. And feel free to let me know if you find anyone else. Have a feeling this might have to be a bit of a team effort.

Nick Knight (SHOWstudio)

I know, we can still count them on one hand. We must find more to add! I've tweeted Vogue UK, Nigel Barker and Jay Manuel to ask for recommendations, but they may not have time to answer a humble photographer like me. Worth a go though right, as sometimes Twitter seems to be a funny place full of surprises.

Have a fab day lovely peeps.


Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks to @NewPhotoDigest for adding David Bailey and Nick Knight to the list.

Anonymous said...

hej, so cool! just stumbled up your wonderful blog! didn't know Nigel Barker was on Twitter..have to add him and see what he has to say! frequent follower of America's Next Top Model of course, hehe! am a follower of yours now for sure! have a lovely weekend!

Cecilie Harris said...

Hiya, thanks for stumbling across my blog, and glad I was able to bring you some ANTM knowledge you didn't have :). Love the show, I've probably watched all seasons at least two or three times. I'm now following your blog as well on Bloglovin. x