Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Fresh face Sophie Edenhoeg creates discussion with this editorial

I absolutely LOVE this editorial. But fashion is all about taste, and when I saw these images at the Fashion Gone Rogue blog all the discussions going on about these images caught my attention. At first I was simply captivated by the images and the very beautiful model newcomer Sophie Edenhoeg, photographed by Henrik Adamsen. Male model Christopher Sylvest. I then discovered some people had a lot of opinions around it.

I wanted to continue discussions I saw at Fashion Gone Rogue to see what my blog readers thought. Is this a good editorial? Is it suggesting under age sex? And if it is, is this an issue or all ok cause it's fashion?

Would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this one.


Martine said...

Well I think it may have some clues about sex, but I think it's all about what each eye sees. I personly don't have anything against an editorial like this, but I can see why some people does.. But I can't see the problem with underage sex, I mean, they may look young, but everybody knows an editoral like this does not make people have underage sex, cause I don't think underage people would look at these pictures and think "This is the only thing that makes me wanna have sex" or "This makes me wanna have sex".. But that's just what I think!

gracey23 said...

for me underage sex is a nursing aide student and we have study that sex is one of the physiological needs..i think it depends...this editorial is okey..i have nothing against it too..its all about fashion and..every picture has its meaning and other people might misunderstand it what You said before C, pic must have its soul...right?

Cecilie Harris said...

Personally I think an image that makes people talk, disagree and have opinions is a powerful image. These ones are so gorgous, and as long as it's within limits of acceptable I think to a certain agree we should allow ourselves to say "that's just fashion".

Martine said...

I agree Cecilie!