Tuesday, 27 April 2010

How to look good in images - Femelle Magazine

I signed up with Camera Press a little while ago, and am all of a sudden starting to see images appearing on websites. Nice! Who knows what I may have sold for print. I shall find out! It tends to take a little while before I'm informed, so thanks to lovely Twitter friends I was made aware of one of my images of Sara appearing on a new online magazine for young women in Norway called Femelle.no.

Click on the image below to see the article, which gives girls tips on how to pose for photos. It's in Norwegian, so for the none Norwegians you can just look at the pretty picture :)

Sara Skjoldnes

I didn't actually realise how many partners Camera Press has around the globe! So lovely to see my image turning up in Norway. This has just inspired me to submit more stuff. Note to self: shoot lifestyle stuff.

I was having a look around their website, and I actually really like the site. Lots of great stuff for girls to read, pink stuff everywhere (girly rule number one of course) and I see links to a lot of great female bloggers that I follow daily. So girl power pretty much. Definitely recommend the site to Norwegian girls to check out once you're done admiring my lovely picture :P

They are also on Twitter for you addicts out there Femellemagasin


RVDS said...

See I did comment! :P

Cecilie Harris said...

Yes, look at that! :)