Saturday, 10 April 2010

Lost angels

Finally finished editing my images from my classic editorial at The Lost Angel. I edited so many, so will share some of the black & whites with you in this blog and post a few colour ones later on. For this shoot I was originally inspired by that classic Chanel vibe, and at the same time I wanted to bring in a bit of a modern edginess to it. So going for a black and white approach with less contrast than I normally do I thought suited this scenario well.

I was on the roll that day with amazing photographic direction..... "lean on the thingy", "a bit more that way" (pointing un-understandibly) and "be broken". Luckily Emily and Lucy were good at understanding what I wanted.

To read more about the shoot and watch the behind the scenes video check out my previous blog post.

Emily & Lucy @ Nevs Models

Emily & Lucy @ Nevs Models

Emily & Lucy @ Nevs Models

Emily & Lucy @ Nevs Models

Emily & Lucy @ Nevs Models

The team:

Model: Emily Andrews (Nevs Models)
Model: Lucy Jaques (Nevs Models)
Styling: Annie Faryia
Hair & Make-up: Gabriella Ciullo
Assisting: Jason Goddard
Photography: Cecilie Harris
Location: The Lost Angel


Drea said...

Love them! :)

sandra said...

Well well well, what can I say...this is absolutely beautiful, very vintage feel, the best fashion work you have done thus far, I look forward to seeing more work like this!!

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks Drea and Sandra! Think this is one of my fave shoots I've done. Every little detail helps to put the final image together. Will definitely be looking to do more in this direction :)

Sylvia said...

I really love this shoot! :) It's stunning.

Martine said...

These pictures are beautiful! I can really see the Chanel inspiration you talked about, with your own twist on it, and I just loved the way it turned out! And the girls really fit together! Perfect shoot to me! :)

Cecilie Harris said...

It's nice when you have a vision and it turns out how you imagined it. Both Emily and Lucy were great to work with and they're looks worked really well together. Also glad to be working with a great blonde model with that edginess, as I tend to gravitate toward brunettes I've learned.

Frida Marie said...

beautiful photos!