Monday, 12 April 2010

More Blog recommendations

In January I posted my Top 10 Favorite blogs to share with you guys. Since then I've discovered so many great blogs that here is a second list of 10 more blogs I'm following!

Click the titles to view the blogs.

I am totally addicted to this blog and must read it daily! It keeps me updated on all the latest and greatest shoots in my favorite fashion mags, so I know what the top photographers are doing out there, who's hot in the modeling world, and can follow image and style trends. Simply a must follow for any photographer out there. Blogger is also on Twitter.

Fashion photographer blog. I like her style, images and sense of humour. She's also on Twitter.

Artsy, fartsy and fabulous fashion blog with cool images to follow. Loving this blog more and more as I get addicted to it.

Lindsay has been on a roll with helpful and interesting blogs for photographers. This is quickly becoming a must read blog for me. I like it when people share things I can actually use. On Twitter as well of course.

Great for fashion and photography inspiration!

Simply a wonderful blog. I LOVE the illustrations with a passion, and think I'd like to live in Danny's mind for a day, cause it seems so full of wonderful inspirational stuff. One of those people who I happily call an artist. Still waiting for his reply to my email, but I'm guessing he's got a backlog to work through. Crossing fingers it will be any day now :). Also on Twitter.

Love the feel of her images! She has that feminine, artsy touch to what she does and is wonderfully creative. Very inspirational. On Twitter.

I've always wanted to go to Japan! This blog gives me a chance to be there in spirit, through the words and images. I still don't know what a Mori girl actually is, but the images are inspiring.

Good friend and fellow photographer RVDS Photography (aka Ruan). I always like to follow work of my photographer friends, as they keep me just as inspired as any big fashion magazine out there. I especially love Ruan's studio and beauty work. He's on Twitter too you'll be pleased to know.

This is one for you Norwegian's out there. I recently came across this blog, and it makes me laugh. She's another one of those teenage Norwegian bloggers, but with a twist. She's the only one to make me laugh, plus she posts nice images to go with what she's writing about. I've just discovered this blog, so want to see how it grows on me.


Igor+andré said...

Oh wow! thank you so much! :)
really means alot!
as far as the email!
i'm so so so sorry.
i get about 100 emails a day.
and i've been trying my best to get through them...
i will look out for yours ;)

Cecilie Harris said...

My pleasure, I'm an avid reader of your blog and proud to tell people :)

No worries about the email, I am pretty patient so will await my turn :)

Have a great day and I look forward to more amazing art and blogs from you. x

Omana said...

Vi har mange av de samme favorittene! Må også bare si det er utrolig hyggelig du liker bloggen min! :D Tusen takk