Saturday, 22 May 2010

In the studio with Chloe

I work a lot on location when I shoot, but here are a couple of images of Chloe taken in my studio. I have another studio shoot booked in for tomorrow doing creative beauty, so should be interesting and fun!

Gonna make this a super quick post as there is playing in the sun to do today..... :)



Hair & make-up by Elbie van Eeden

Model: Chloe May Farnworth


Some Style... said...

looking gorgeous! love the bright tint of black and white..lovely!

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks :). Especially on the last one I tried to go with as few shades of anything in between black and white I could.

Drea said...

Really love the first one! I´m SO looking forward to work with you! :)

Cecilie Harris said...

Looking forward to it as well Drea :)

Erika Gerdemark said...

LOVE the second photo!

Cecilie Harris said...

Thanks Erika. What I liked about that photos was the innocence I found in her in this one :)